10 Best Video Game Soundtracks

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It's not just the gaming -- the hyper-jumping, mega-blaster shooting, sword-fighting or robot-crashing action -- that makes a great video game.

The best video games also have rich characters you feel emotionally invested in, smart plotlines that keep your attention, and, in an area that's constantly underrated, great musical scores.

Twin the right music with the right video game and you have something you'll not only want to hear for 80, 90, 100+ hours of gameplay, but something that you could genuinely consider "classic" music -- whether of the orchestral variety, or "classic" in the sense that it's timelessly awesome.

We rummaged through the boxes of our old gaming systems (Sigh,Sega FYI Genesis is 24-years-old now) and classic cartridges to determine the best video game soundtracks.

Here are our results:

10 Best Video Game Soundtracks
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