Men can be hard to buy for -- some like sports, some don't; some are into fashion, others could care less.

And with the festive season just under a month away, we thought it was time to compile the ultimate gift giving list to befit every dude in your world -- from your father to your boyfriend.

From sweet sweaters to stylish items for the entertaining dandy, we've found pretty much everything you'll need to check off your to-wrap list.

Bonus: If you're looking for more suggestions, tune in to our Style Editor Sarah Kelsey's recent 'Sarah Says' segment on Global's The Morning Show -- she highlights a few more of our favourite "for him" holiday finds.

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  • Birks Sapphire And Diamond Square Cufflinks

    $2,600. Available at <a href="">BIRKS</a>

  • Retro Air Hockey Table

    $60. Available at <a href="">Chapters-Indigo</a>

  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brewing Kit

    $40. Available at <a href="">Anthropologie</a>

  • Bicycle Wine Rack

    $40. Available at <a href=""></a>

  • Rogers And Gallet Fresh Fragrant Water Cologne

    $40. Available at <a href="">The Bay</a>

  • Leather Jacket

    $400. Available at <a href="|6b5233&mc=yes">Danier</a>

  • Earthkeepers Front Country II Backpack

    $140. Available at <a href="">Timberland</a>

  • ECCO Men's Golf Belt

    $100. Available at <a href=",default,pd.html?dwvar_9104415_color=90113&dwvar_9104415_size=100#cgid=accessories-golf">Ecco</a>

  • Treccani Milano Golf Shoes

    $1,000. Available at <a href="">Treccani Milano</a>

  • Boxer Briefs

    $12.50. Available at <a href="">Gap</a>

  • Breville Panini Press

    $147. Available at <a href="">Williams-Sonoma</a>

  • Oliver Spencer Vest

    $210. Available at <a href="">Gravity Pope</a>

  • Chuck Taylor Sargent

    $90. Available at <a href="">Converse</a>

  • Drake General Store Hangover Tea

    $15. Available at <a href="">Drake General Store</a>

  • Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph

    $9,000. Available at <a href="">Seiko Canada</a>

  • Happy Socks

    $13. Available at <a href="">Drake General Store</a>

  • SA950i Headphones

    $60. Available at <a href="">Apple</a>

  • Ranchero iPod iPhone Dock

    $200. Available at <a href="">Chapters-Indigo</a>

  • Palladium Boots Slim Snaps Lea

    <a href="">For more information, visit</a>

  • Lambswool Seaspey Fair Isle Sweater

    $128. Available at <a href="">J.Crew</a>

  • Calvin Klein Chunky Ombre Sweater

    $128. Available at <a href="">Tip Top Tailors</a>

  • Men's Byron Slipper

    $206. Available at <a href=",en_CA,pd.html?dwvar_5102_color=CAP&start=5&cgid=men-slippers">Ugg Australia</a>

  • Stuffed Hamburger Press With Lifter

    $22. Available at <a href="">Williams-Sonoma</a>

  • Kobo Mini

    $80. Available at <a href="">Chapters-Indigo</a>

  • Paul Smith Cardigan

    $180. Available at <a href="">Gravity Pope</a>

  • Football Leather Bottle Kozzie And Dice Set

    $50. Available at <a href="||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-">Pottery Barn</a>

  • Cromwell And Cruthers Shaving Gel

    $6. Available at <a href=""></a>

  • Shared History Provincial Toque

    $24. Available at <a href="">Drake General Store</a>

  • Pulsar Men's Watch

    $180. Available at <a href="">Pulsar Canada</a>

  • Tca Small Banff Bag Tribe

    $568. Available at <a href="">Roots</a>

  • Cufflinks

    From $25. Available at <a href="">Tip Top Tailors</a>

  • Men's Tuffer Boot

    $178. Available at <a href=",default,pd.html?cgid=mens-Chatelaine%27s-Picks&selectedColor=020">Roots</a>

  • Whisky Coffee Table Book

    Available at <a href="">Holt Renfrew</a>

  • Vintage Scrabble Set

    $200. Available at <a href="">Restoration Hardware</a>

  • Craftsman 255 Piece Tool Set With Left Top Storage

    $200. Available at <a href="">Sears</a>

  • Swims Mobster Black Galoshes

    <a href="">Visit for more info</a>

  • Aladino Velvet Slipper

    $195. Available at <a href="">Harry Rosen</a>

  • Craftsman Swiss Army Knife

    $94. Available at <a href=""> </a>

  • Braun CruZer6 High Definition Trimmer

    $30. Available at <a href="">Shoppers Drug Mart</a>

  • Hunting Peacoat

    From $258. Available at <a href="">J.Crew</a>

  • Hayward Sweater

    $113. Available at <a href="">The Bay</a>

  • Want Les Essentials De La Vie Dopp Kit

    Available at <a href="">Holt Renfrew</a>

  • Whiskey Stones

    $26. Available at <a href="">Holt Renfrew</a>

  • Unisex Merino Wool Shearling Pilot Hat

    $215. Available at <a href="">Canada Goose</a>

  • Hugo Boss Ties

    From $45. Available at <a href="">Tip Top Tailors</a>

  • Britches Striped Crew Neck Sweater

    $60. Available at <a href="">Tip Top Tailors</a>

  • Jake Spade Bag

    Available at <a href="">Holt Renfrew</a>

  • Ron White ‘Cedric’ Driving Slipper

    $195. Available at <a href="">Ron White</a>

  • Wii Mini

    $100. Available at <a href="">Future Shop</a>

  • Ted Baker Pocket Square

    $50. Available at <a href="">Ted Baker</a>

  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0

    From $110. Available at <a href="">SportChek</a> and <a href="">Reebok</a>