Power Rankings have been rating sports teams throughout their seasons for years based on statistical analysis, momentum and gut feelings. Those folks shouldn't have all the fun.

So based on sales and airplay charts, magazine covers, twitter trends, and, of course, gut feelings -- we bring you HuffPost's Pop Power Rankings, our weekly roundup of who's on top (and who has fallen off) in the pop game.


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  • 1. Rihanna (Last Rank: 3)

    Did you realize that Rihanna never had a #1 album before? Her first six albums were all top tenners, but new entry Unapologetic is her first chart topper. With first single "Diamonds" at #1 on the Hot 100, that puts her in a position that Billboard is calling "<a href="http://www.billboard.com/news#/news/rihanna-scores-double-domination-atop-hot-1008029502.story">Double Domination</a>." Stay classy, Billboard.

  • 2. Britney Spears (New Entry)

    Britney Spears has been quietly bubbling just under the PPR Top five, but now she's broken through, carrying a collaboration with Will.I.Am to the top of Twitter trends and iTunes charts (believe me, neither the song or Will's popularity alone could not do this). Forbes just <a href="http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eeel45kldk/the-worlds-25-highest-paid-musicians-7/">announced </a>their annual Highest Paid Musicians list and Brit made the top ten in a year she didn't even tour.

  • 3. Adele (Re-Entry)

    New mom Adele sold her 10-millionth album this week in the U.S., making <em>21</em> the 21st album to achieve "Diamond" status since modern album sales tracking era began. She's one of the biggest things in music right now, and despite what must be a lot of pressure from management (and industry <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/11/29/louis-walsh-adele-work-baby_n_2209047.html">wankers</a>), she's taking her time getting back to work. Good on you, Adele. The record's still selling, do your thing.

  • 4. Psy (Last Rank: 4)

    One of these weeks Psy is going to have to release a new song. But just when you thought the "Gangnam Style" machine was running on fumes, the Korean pop star had another big week. The "Gangnam Style" video just became the most watched video in Youtube history, pushing down Justin Bieber, and Psy has been nominated for Time's person of the year alongside artists Jay-Z and Pussy Riot. Let's see if the follow-up reaches these heights.

  • 5. 50 Cent (New Entry)

    Times have changed since 50 was the king of the charts, but this week it looks like he's ready to change, too. After releasing a number of very underground mixtapes and low-budget <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7WALks4J5c&list=UL">videos</a> where scantily-clad women counted money with him, 50 teamed with his long-time label boss Eminem and radio staple Adam Levine for "My Life," a song that shot to #1 on iTunes. The true pop test will be the reception of his album <em>Street King Immortal</em>, which arrives in February.

  • Pop Power Fail - Chris Brown

    The alleged boyfriend of this week's Pop Power topper decided to delete his Twitter account this weekend after getting into a name-calling match with comedian Jenny Johnson, a.k.a. the best place online to check out constant Chris Brown bashing. Many have watched her work for months now, but this weekend she finally got to him. And yes, he's already <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/26/chris-brown-deletes-twitter-feuding-jenny-johnson_n_2191172.html">back</a> on Twitter.