On your mark.. get set.. go?

A Canadian version of The Amazing Race might be coming to your TV sooner than you think. According to a report on Popgoesthenews.com, CTV will announce a Canuck edition of the 13-time Emmy winner after an airing of the U.S. show on Sunday, Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. EST.

The website claims host Phil Keoghan taped the announcement as a tease for the launch of the Canadian series. The show could debut as early as next summer.

The Amazing Race has visited Canada twice in the past, but Canadians have not been eligible to participate on the American show due to concerns over security and possible advantages at customs.

But, this is not the first foray into reality television for Canada this year. CityTV's The Bachelor Canada recently wrapped its first season, and Big Brother Canada will debut on Slice in February 2013.

CTV has yet to confirm reports about The Amazing Race Canada, however, the @etalkCTV Twitter account posted this message on Friday at 7:19 p.m.

etalk CTV
Big news from CTV this Sunday between 8-9pm ET. What could it be??? Tweet your guesses using and you might win a prize.

Neither a host nor an air date has been announced.

Currently in its 21st season, The Amazing Race airs on CTV in Canada. The globe-trotting series is one of the country's most-watched shows, drawing an average of over two million viewers each week.

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