Flats aren’t the only things women are taking from the ballet stage this season. Sleek, pirouette-ready buns are atop just about everyone’s head — and the fuller, the better.

But if you don’t have a lot of hair, it can be tough to achieve the really voluminous bun you’re after.

We asked the advice of Garnier styling and colour expert Nina Farrauto for some of her tips on getting a bun worthy of a Prima ballerina — even if you have short hair.

— Begin by gathering your hair into a secure ponytail at the desired location of the bun. The higher the ponytail is placed, the more length you will have to work with.
— Brush the hair of the ponytail away from the head, grabbing onto the last few inches of its length.
— Using a natural or boar haired bristle brush, gently back-brush the ponytail from underneath in long smooth strokes to create a fluffy mass of hair to fill your bun.
— By lightly brushing the surface, smooth the top of the back-brushed hair.
— Twist together the ends of the hair to gather and bring them around to the front of the head, tucking and pinning the ends under the bun close to the elastic base.
— Make sure the smoothed out top is exposed, and secure the bun with a few more pins as needed.
— Hair can be sculpted and smoothed by using a hairspray like Garnier’s Hold & Flex Ultimate Control Spray to lock the look in place and catch flyaways.
— If you want shine instead of full hold, you can use New Sleek & Shine Sleek Finish Serum Spray to tame your frizz.

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