The Christmas dinner, that cornerstone of the holiday season where family and friends spread cheer in the cozy abodes of a home in winter, is moving out.

A traditional Christmas dinner doesn't have to be made in house anymore, unless you mean the Fairmont Palliser's kitchen. And the demand for a cozy dinner out is growing.

The proof is in the fact that more and more restaurants are offering a Christmas meal and that Calgary's opulent hotel's Christmas Eve and Christmas turkey dinner buffet is fully sold out this year. It wasn't always like that but it's not the first time in recent years the Palliser has sold out Christmas Eve and Day dinners.

Whether its because people want to spend more time with family than in the kitchen, or a someone like Reddit user WyldeKat who doesn't want to cook a large meal for two, there are many options to eat out or order in, in Calgary.

From free-range turkey and pecan pie from River Cafe to takeout food from Sunterra, the options are many, provided you order in time.

Does your family have a Christmas tradition of eating out? Have any suggestions to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @HuffPostAlberta.

Also keep an eye out for our restaurants open around Christmas list for Edmonton, coming out soon.

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  • River Cafe

    River Cafe accepts orders for a Christmas meal complete with a free-range turkey, mashed potatoes and toasted pecan and Quebec maple pie that's ready for your oven. The meal serves 8-10 guests for $425 and is picked up on Christmas Eve. Suggestion by user Pwedo, Reddit

  • Sunterra Market

    You can order Christmas dinner for two (ham or turkey) from Sunterra. They do a very good job, says user universalradio on Reddit. <a href="">Sunterra's holiday guide has more details.</a>

  • Chinese Restaurants Are Known To Be Open Around Christmas

    Most if not all of Chinatown, but make a reservation. - User drays, Reddit

  • Fairmont Palliser

    The Fairmont Palliser offers an array of options for Christmas dinner indulgences. From Jingle Bell Brunches to New Year's Day brunch, they do it all. The Palliser is sold out for Christmas Eve and Christmas this year, but there is a wait list. Suggestion by User rawmeatdisco, Reddit

  • Airport Delta Hotel

    Airport delta hotel has a buffet dinner. - User eyfk, Reddit

  • New Dynasty

    New Dynasty in Crowfoot is open on Christmas eve. Suggestion by User workhustlekill, Reddit

  • Grocery Store

    Go to Safeway or superstore and pick up a pre-cooked EDIT:chicken and a box of instant Mashed potatoes and instant stuffing. Instant and easy mini "big Christmas dinner" - User Bonadoos, Reddit

  • A Quick Meal

    Of course, you could still cook for yourself still. If it's just two of you, throw some carrots and taters in a roasting pan, put a chicken on top and just leave it in the fridge until you want to cook it. Essentially no work on Christmas day. For bonus points cook it in a disposable roasting pan and eat with your fingers out of the pan-nobidy gets stuck with the dishes...- User Hypno-phile, Reddit

  • Merry Christmas!

    Whether you plan to enjoy a home cooked meal or one cooked with love for your family, we wish you a splendid time with friends and loved ones.

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