Dining in microgravity is a tricky thing.

Crumbs can find their way into the nooks and crannies of sensitive instruments, fresh food is hard to come by and drinking liquids without a straw is an adventure on its own.

However, astronauts do get a say in what sort of freeze-dried, dehydrated and thermostabilized foods they get to eat. They also get to take a taste of home with them to the International Space Station.

When Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield embarks for the ISS on Dec. 19, he'll have some tasty Canuck treats to look forward to. The Canadian Space Agency is sending Hadfield off with 35 Canadian foods chosen both by the agency and a "Snacks for Space" contest.

You can see Hadfield's full menu here and check out the chosen treats menu below:

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  • Les Canardises Duck Rillettes

  • SeaChange Candied Wild Smoked Salmon

  • L.B. Maple Treat Maple Syrup Cream Cookies

  • SeaChange Smoked Sockeye Salmon

  • Profitapom CroustiPom

  • Holy Crap Cereal

  • SeaChange Smoked Salmon Pate

  • Sun-Rype FruitSource Blueberry Pomegranate Fruit Bar

  • Brunswick Seafood Snacks Herring in lemon and cracked pepper

  • Whistler Pocket Chocolate

  • SoSoya+ Crunchers unsalted

  • Taste of Nature Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields Snack Bars

  • Trails End Buffalo Stix Cranberry Craze

  • Honey Bar Trail Mix Bar

  • Sun-Rype FruitSource Strawberry Fruit Bar

  • Sun-Rype Fruit-to-go Wildberry and Raspberry Fruit Snack

  • Brunswick Sardines in mustard sauce

  • Smarties

  • Dole Squish'ems! Apple Strawberry Squeezable Snack

  • Fruit d'Or Dried Cranberries Original

  • Leclerc Praeventia - Orange zest with green tea extract cookies

  • Turkey Hill Sugarbush Maple Syrup

  • Brunswick Sardines with hot peppers

  • Citadelle Maple Hard Candies

  • Four O'clock Maple Herbal Tea

  • Tim Hortons English Toffee and Vanilla Cappuccino Mix

  • Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries

  • Reese Bites

  • West Coast Select Salmon Jerky Original

  • Mars Bar

  • Honibe Honeydrop

  • Rogers Chocolates

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