O my goodness! Oprah Winfrey's coming to Edmonton.

The motivational speaker and daytime TV mogul has announced a second stop in Alberta on her 'An Evening With Oprah Winfrey" tour.

The daytime television host will make her appearance at Rexall Place on Jan. 21 before continuing on to stops in Calgary and Vancouver. This is Winfrey's first time to Edmonton and will only be her second time to Canada on business. The last time she visited the country was last year in Toronto to film a segment for her network, OWN.

Those hopeful for tickets will have to be quick with their mouse and dialing finger - tickets for the Calgary and Vancouver shows sold out in just minutes. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 8 a.m. through Ticketmaster and range in price from $89 to $299, plus applicable service charges.

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  • Olive Oil Chips

    <strong>From: </strong>Diane Sawyer <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing: </strong>1999 <br> <br> “The elves are delivering this year my favorite new snack. Now Diane Sawyer, who’s a good friend of mine, actually turned me onto these. She sent me a bag with a note that said, ‘from one addict to another.’ They’re olive oil potato chips. I’m a potato chip connoisseur, and these are extraordinary.”

  • Nonnie's Traditional Southern Poundcake

    <strong>From: </strong>Maria Shriver <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing: </strong>2000 <br> <br> “Maria Shriver, last year for Christmas, sent me my first Nonnie’s cake. I loved it so much that I called up somebody else. I sent them a cake, they sent five cakes to their sisters. It was unbelieveable. It was a cake chain we had going on.”

  • 'The Four Agreements'

    <strong>From:</strong> Ellen DeGeneres <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing:</strong> 2000 <br> <br> “I first heard about the book <em>The Four Agreements</em> when Ellen DeGeneres mentioned it on our show. By the end of that day, I bought one copy. By the next day, I not only had read it, I bought 10 more copies. By the next week, I had gotten a copy for everybody that worked here. So far, I’ve bought 289 copies personally myself. They’re four rules to live by. If you can live by these rules, you’ll have a better life.”

  • J.Lo Velour Sweatsuit

    <strong>From: </strong>Jennifer Lopez <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing:</strong> 2002 <br> <br> “I wore my next favorite thing so much I pretty much wore it out. I put it on every day after the show for about a month, so people were like, ‘When are you going to get another one of those?’ It’s a J.Lo velour matching jacket and pants that I personally received from Jennifer Lopez. It’s part of her sportswear collection. When she came here last time, she gave me five of them and I just wear them all the time. I call them my after-school clothes.”

  • Philip Stein Teslar Watch

    <strong>From:</strong> Madonna <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing: </strong>2003 <br> <br> “Madonna was here, and when she left, she sent me a wonderful present. She says, ‘You need to have one of these.’ I’ve had it one ever since.... Inside is a special little chip that emits a signal that they say helps you sleep better, feel less stress and increase your energy.”

  • Italian Water Garden Tea Set At Room With A View

    <strong>From:</strong> John Travolta <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing: </strong>2004 <br> <br> “My dear friend John Travolta gave me something wonderful that inspired this next favorite thing. He gave me a tea set for my 50th birthday and I now have a daily ritual. Every afternoon, it’s tea time. It’s a lovely experience that I wanted you to have too, so that when you get home after a really hard day, make yourself a cup of tea.”

  • Leather Bag By Maria Lyons

    <strong>From: </strong>Halle Berry <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing: </strong>2003 <br> <br> “My sweet friend Halle Berry was one of the first celebrities to be seen toting around this very cool leather bag by Maria Lyons. She sent one to me. I loved it so much, I featured it in the July O List in our magazine. And when I love something, I love to share it.”

  • Brut Gold Champagne, Armand De Brignac

    <strong>From: </strong>Jay-Z <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing:</strong> O Magazine 2011 <br> <br> "Jay-Z has a head for business, a soul for poetry, and a taste for luxury. He sent me this glorious Champagne, and I've since sent 25 cases to friends."

  • Hanes Cookies Ginger Crisps

    <strong>From: </strong>Quincy Jones <br> <br> <strong>Favorite Thing:</strong> O Magazine 2010 <br> <br> "It wouldn't be Christmas if my pal Quincy Jones didn't send me these wafers. According to the label they're handmade by Mrs. Travis F. Hanes. All I can say is Mrs. Hanes sure can bake."

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