A ride on Jason Shron's train might be a little unorthodox, as this guy built a full-size VIA Rail train in his basement.

Shron, a self-described 'train-obsessed nutcase' and founder of model train manufacturer Rapido Trains Inc., built the model in his Ontario home. Why? He explains on his blog.

"We each have a favourite place: a place where we feel completely at home, where the stresses and headaches of daily life seem to melt away and we can just chill and regroup. My favourite place is on board the VIA train, especially on board the VIA trains of my youth, riding the Rapido between Toronto and Montreal. Now I have this special place in my house," Shron wrote.

It took four and a half years and 2,500 hours, he explains in a video tour of the train. The model has some meticulous details like the image of the next car in a window and original parts taken from a train destined to be scrapped.

All aboard?

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