There are well-dressed celebrities and then there are those who make you think "Did so-and-so look at themselves in the mirror?" And, unfortunately, on Sunday night's 70th annual Golden Globes red carpet there were way too many A-listers who fell into the latter category.

While we know our opinions are, well, our own, we're pretty sure you'll agree with us on at least one or two of these sartorial pans. From Jessica Chastain to Lena Dunham, here are some usually stylish stars who epically flopped the Globes' red carpet.

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  • Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein

    We're so disappointed with this look, partially because Jessica is currently Hollywood's "it" girl. Her hair is greasy, and the droopy neckline makes it look like she has saggy breasts. It's an epic red carpet fail.

  • Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

    Lucy, Betty White called... she wants her tablecloth back.

  • Amy Adams in Marchesa

    The colour (which doesn't really complement Adams's skin tone), the belt, the frilly base of the dress... It's prissy instead of being perfect. Amy Adams deserves better.

  • Lena Dunham in Zac Posen

    The cut, the colour, the cropped hair -- Lena, you can do so, so, so much better.

  • Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture & Chopard

    Jennifer, why are you trying to mimic Madonna's cone bra on a Golden Globes red carpet!? Seriously, you're better than this.

  • Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy

    We're not sure what to look at here. Are we supposed to pay attention to Amanda's hair or all of the lace detailing of the dress? And the colour? It's just not right for Seyfried's skin tone.

  • Kerry Washington in Miu Miu & Chopard

    This thing is sheer in all of the wrong places.

  • Eva Longoria in Pucci

    Alright, Eva, you look fine, but trying to copy Angelina's lust-worthy leg from last year's awards season? Not. Cool.

  • Jessica Alba in Christian Dior

    This is just a little too prom in a way-too-cutesy colour.

  • Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani & Chopard

    We love Olivia Munn -- love. But we don't like this look. It's a little bit classy and trashy (thanks to the sophisticated black skirt paired with a sparkly tube top).

  • Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton

    What is going on here!? This dress would have been perfect, but then Vuitton went ahead and added a sheer, polka dotted overlay to the bottom half of the ensemble.

  • Debra Messing in Donna Karan & Rupert Sanderson

    We're starting to think this is the only style of dress Messing ever wears.

  • Halle Berry in Atelier Versace

    Halle, who usually looks stunning, faltered on the carpet with this look. It's a little floral, a little dip-dyed and a little too-skin showy. Pick one trend you want to showcase and role with that -- you don't need to wear 'em all at once.

  • Mayim Bialik

    The real problem with the dress is the bow-like belt highlighting Mayim's midsection. You're a woman, Blossom, not a schoolgirl.

  • Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier

    Someone let a bedazzled swan loose on the red carpet -- that's <em>not</em> a good thing.

  • Carla Gugino in Swarovski

    Put simply, this is bling gone bad. Very, very bad.

  • Rosario Dawson

    This colour looks great on Rosario, but the cut is all over the place. It's got some peplum as well as piping that criss-crosses her mid-section. There's just way too much going on.

  • Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

    Everything about this dress is wrong. The colour is awful -- especially when paired with Kelly's hair. And the cut, ugh, we're sick of these skirts and strapless dresses that don't fit a lady's breasts properly.