The wheels go round and round for Lena Dunham.

The actress, writer and director won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy Series or Musical for her work in HBO's Girls. The show also picked up a second Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series, and now there's word that a bus tour based on the show may be in the works, according to BuzzFeed.

On Location Tour currently runs bus tours inspired by TV shows like "The Sopranos", "Gossip Girl", as well a number of New York tours that showcases parts of the city featured in movies. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Georgette Blau, On Location Tour's founder, says the show works as a tour because of the way it uses real-life locations in the script.

For the unfamiliar, Girls follows a group of twenty-somethings — Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna — living through their twenties in New York City. According to the Guardian, potential stops include a trip to Hannah's possibly psychotic boyfriend's apartment at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, as well as the various bars, cafes and bakeries visited in Manhattan, like BabyCakes, a vegan bakery on Broome Street.

The show might be less than a year old, with its second season having just started this week, but its popularity has given rise to a dedicated fan base. Some devotees have even created a Google Map of spots featured in the show, marking locations like Cafe Grumpy, a Brooklyn-based cafe; Tom and Jerry's, a bar in New York's East Village and the Bowery Ballroom, a music hall.

It's a show that resonates mostly with an audience in their twenties who long for a taste of the New York lifestyle and is often compared to Sex and the City, another show that has its own dedicated bus tour that's run by (yes, you guessed it) On Location Tour. In fact, the company's found such success with their Sex and the City bus tour that they've created a limo tour for women looking for a bachelorette party inspired by the '90s TV show.

But Sex and the City certainly isn't the first television show to warrant a dedicated tour. There's The Wire bus tour, which takes visitors through a tour of Baltimore, including some of the city's most crime-ridden areas. On the other side of the United States is the Breaking Bad tour, chronicling the locations of fictional drug dealers Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they try to make a living by cooking meth.

For more bus tours based on TV shows, check out the slideshow below. Themed-Tours Based Off Of TV Shows

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  • Breaking Bad

    Those who really need their <em>Breaking Bad</em> fix, can do so with the bus tour based off the show. The tour includes trips to the houses of both Walter White and Jeese Pinkman, the show's main characters. There's also a trip to the fast-food joint, Twisters, and the show's iconic car wash used to launder money. <a href="">And yes, the tour does include crystal meth (but not really though).</a>

  • Downton Abbey

    Fans of <em>Downton Abbey</em> have a choice of two tours when it comes to learning more about the acclaimed British drama. While both tours feature a trip to Oxfordshire Village where the the show is shot, only one of the tours allows for <a href="">an inside look of the Highclere Castle</a>.

  • Gossip Girl

    <em>Gossip Girl</em> ran six seasons before ending in mid-December of 2012. During the show's five-year run, viewers were tossed into the rich and affluent lifestyle of six young adults living on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The tour recreates the show's success with visits to<a href=""> the boarding schools, shops, boutiques and even Grand Central Station</a> where things all kicked off.

  • Doctor Who

    Fans of the long-running sci-fi series can partake in a two-day tour of England and Wales, where the show is sometimes shot. Though, it's an unofficial tour, visitors can check out places like <a href="">the Forest of Dean, the Brecon Beacons, South Wales and Gloucestershire.</a>

  • Sex and the City

    It's a show that ended back in 2004, but its popularity still lives on today in the form of <a href="">bus tours across New York</a>. There's also a private, R-rated limo tour geared towards bachelorette parties for those looking to live the life of Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte — if only for a few hours.

  • The Wire

    If you're looking for a bus tour that's equally edgy and enlightening, then <em>The Wire</em> bus tour may be able to offer what you're looking for. The tour doesn't shy away from Baltimore's seedy areas, but embraces them in what <a href=""><em>the Daily Mail</em> calls a "unique" experience.</a>

  • The Sopranos

    The show may have ended in 2006 but fans of <em>The Sopranos </em> can either keep watching reruns on A&E or hop on a bus and see the locations from the show in person. The tour captures the show's grittiness with stops at <a href="">Bada Bing, the infamous strip club; Barone Sanitation, Tony's legitimate business and the restaurant booth where the show's last scenes were shot.</a>

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