Sniffles, sore throats, and sneezes seem to have replaced the sequins, party hats, and presents of 2012. Many of you may be suffering from a cold or flu at the moment. Despite your best efforts (read: carrying antibacterial hand sanitizer, staying away from anyone looking remotely ill, and upping your vitamin C intake) chances are you’re going to feel a little under the weather at least once before winter is over. Don’t worry! Here are five ways to get you through a cold without losing a single bit of style.

Take a Pill
There’s no need to haul around entire bottles of vitamins and medicines, just pop a few of each into a clever handmade vintage ad-inspired pill box.
Kelly’s Magnets Pill Box, $10,

Have a Drink
Drink the ultimate cold and flu buster—ginger tea with honey and lemon—from a chic monogrammed mug. No one will ever know it’s not your regular morning coffee.
Monogram Mug, $8,

Snuggle Up
When it comes to keeping warm when you have a cold, nothing works better than a cozy over-sized thick-knit eternity scarf. The bigger the better!
Paula Bianco acrylic chunky knit wrap scarf, $108,

Soothe Yourself
Ease your aches and pains with a fashionable hot water bottle, or put one between your sheets before you go to bed for an extra cozy and relaxing night sleep that will have you feeling better in the morning.
Club Monaco wool-blend Carla Hot Water Bottle, $45 (USD),

Too sick to make it out to the mall? Not a problem! Grab your Snuggie and a bowl of soup and cue up your favourite fashion film for your style fix. We recommend 'The Devil Wears Prada' or the award-winning documentary 'Valentino the Last Emperor.'

RELATED: Flattering Clothing Items To Help You Look And Feel Better

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  • 1. White Button-Down Shirts

    A <a href="">white button-down shirt</a> always looks fresh, clean and polished.

  • 2. Wrap Dresses

    The most figure-flattering dress ever (<a href="">thanks, DVF</a>) looks good on all body types and does wonders to show off the female shape.

  • 3. Trench Coats

    The <a href="">trench coat</a> is a staple in every woman's wardrobe because it works year-round. It's versatility and great fit make it the perfect option.

  • 4. Black Pumps

    Few things are sexier than a <a href="">woman in heels.</a> Black pumps work well because they lengthen the leg, and the sleek color amps up the affect.

  • 5. Sunglasses

    Provided you <a href="">find the right shape for your face</a> (be it square, rounded or aviator style), sunglasses can completely finish off just about any casual ensemble.

  • 6. Shift Dresses

    The shape of this dress works on <a href="">almost all shapes</a>. The relaxed fit along with the body-skimming silhouette highlight and hide all the right spots.

  • 7. Monochromatic Outfits

    <a href="">A single color palette </a>always looks great as it elongates the body and is so sophisticated.

  • 8. Statement Necklaces

    Whether you choose to wear a <a href="">statement necklace</a> with a fancy dress, a blouse or just a casual T-shirt, it can take your outfit to another level.

  • 9. Natural Hair Color

    Although a trip to your colorist can brighten up your face in the winter or make your eyes pop, every girl looks good in what her mama gave her.

  • 10. Blush

    The right shade can do wonders to accentuate (or create) any woman's cheekbones.

  • 11. Red lipstick

    If you find the right shade for your skin tone, <a href="">red lips</a> can turn any sweetheart into a heartbreaker -- instantly.

  • 12. Fake Eyelashes

    <a href="">Fake eyelashes</a> make your eyes pop and add a little something extra for an evening out.

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