It was the Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton runway show that first debuted the detachable racoon tail as fashion accessory. Years later, a furry add-on is seen attached to some of the most lust-worthy purses carried by fashion hounds around the globe. Today, it’s far from shocking to see a tail hanging nonchalantly from a woman’s bag, but what if said tail was affixed to her derriere?

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Kink-factor aside, this is the vision Tailly hopes to bring to light. Part fashion accessory, part novelty gadget, the Japanese inventor Shota Ishiwatari has developed a tail that attaches around your waist and uses your accelerating or decreasing heart rate to—wait for it—wag back and forth like so many happy kitties you see awaiting their daily provision of Purina. Imagine: When you’re ready for extra helpings at the dinner table, your partner will no longer have to ask!

The Tailly Kickstarter page had hoped to to raise 60,000 pounds (almost $100,000 Canadian) to bring this prototype into mass production. Sadly, their efforts were for not as the public at large did not do its part in funding the union of human emotion and tail. Still, we can't help but wonder how many would be willing to give away their mood rings and make way for the wag instead.

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  • 1. Peplums

    Kim Kardashian was perhaps peplums' most famous fan in 2012, but we kind of hope she gives them the Kris Humphries send-off in 2013. Yawn.

  • 2. Sheer everything

    Two words: <a href="">wardrobe malfunction.</a>

  • 3. Gel manicures

    Sure, they last a long time. But who wants a mani you can't take off yourself on a whim?

  • 4. Half-shaved heads

    2013 will be the year of Classy Scalp Uniformity.

  • 5. Pastel hair

    Katy Perry and <a href="">Christina Aguilera </a>were among the ombre amours this year, but this go around, we hope everyone leaves the My Little Pony hair to, well, My Little Ponies.

  • 6. Studded collars

    We get it. Everyone's afraid of your lapels. Next!

  • 7. Wedge sneakers

    They're comfy. We like comfy! Towering sneaks are just a little bit overdone at this point.

  • 8. High fashion sweatshirts

    The <a href="">Kenzo tiger</a> and the <a href="">Balenciaga galactic print</a> both kicked off hot sweatshirt-y trends this year, but as far as we're concerned, any item of clothing we're going to spend triple digits on shouldn't be able to double as gym wear.

  • 9. Neon

    Day-Glo dresses, pants, jewelry, shoes, pantsuits, bags, lipstick -- enough!

  • 10. Flatforms

    We'd rather wear stilettos than clod around in a pair of these.

  • 11. Printed pants

    Don't get us wrong, we love this look fashion-wise, BUT, we're skeptical that a pair exists that doesn't make us our thighs look like walruses balancing on their tails.

  • 12. Jumpsuits

    Petitioning the White House to allow separate tops and bottoms in 2013.

  • 13. Dark '90s lipstick

    We have a feeling goth-y lips will be a mainstay this year, but we're already a bit over the "Interview with the Vampire" beauty thang.

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