We've sprinted well past mid-January and unfortunately, some of us may have already ditched our new resolutions near the starting line.

However, top-of-the-year fitness-themed pledges are as traditional as New Year's Eve champagne. Like champagne, those healthy promises risk turning flat.

So if you're going strong with your resolutions or are looking for that something something to light your proverbial fire again, prepare to get re-inspired.

We rounded up the resolutions of some notable British Columbian personalities.

From a news anchor's promise to read more books to a model's commitment to practice her piano, check out what some B.C. influencers resolve to do in 2013.

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  • Jenna Talackova (model)

    1) Become the best overall entertainer in film, music and dancing 2) Work hard and play harder 3) Practice yoga and piano more

  • Tamara Taggart (CTV B.C. anchor)

    "I have the same resolution every year — to be organized. So far it hasn't happened but I know this is the year! I would also like to have friends over for dinner more often, with three kids and a busy job, it's almost impossible. If I was really organized those dinner parties would be a snap, right?"

  • Tetsuro Shigematsu (Broadcaster, reality TV Star, PhD student)

    "This year I want to achieve the body of a god. My belly already resembles Buddha, but by the summer of 2013 I want the six pack of “Ab-gamemnon.'"

  • Dianne Watts (Mayor of Surrey)

    "I don't typically make New Year's Resolutions. However... • I will be dropping the course in Mayan History. • Cancel TLC - no more Honey Boo Boo and "Sasquatch Hunters." • Gain enough weight to get on "The Biggest Loser." • Find a way to drive under the New Port Mann Bridge."

  • Tony Parsons (CBC News Vancouver anchor)

    "I hope the New Year will get me back to books, the real, tactile kind. And I plan to re-invent golf to a game that even I can play without driving myself nuts. Happy New Year!"

  • Sophie Lui (Global BC TV anchor)

    "In 2013, I resolve to be more resolute in my resolutions."

  • Ujjal Dosanjh, former B.C. premier

    "I want to relax more from the physical work (renovations) I've been doing around the house. I want to re-engage with the world and I want to read a little more."

  • Lainey Lui (CTV ETALK reporter)

    "My New Year's resolution this year is to go old school -- I'm keeping a manual daytimer again; I'm writing things down. Smartphones are great for messaging and browsing but keeping a calendar becomes so impersonal when it's electronic and there's no spirit or energy to your recollections. With a daytimer, you not only remember where you were and who you were with, but the little moments that happened in between. I know this makes me sound like a relic but think about it -- when was the last time you flipped BACK through your digital calendar? When it's on paper, it becomes your own historical document. And, I guess, when you get older, more and more you want to start holding on what came before."

  • Roberto Luongo (Vancouver Canucks goalie)

    <blockquote><a href="https://twitter.com/strombone1/status/285955509419401216">@strombone1</a>: #NewYearsResolution find a job</blockquote>

  • David Suzuki (Scientist, broadcaster, author, and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation)

    "Sorry, but I don't make resolutions I won't be able to fulfill."

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