Lisa Loeb is about to release latest album, No Fairy Tale, her ninth full-length since the release of her debut, Purple Tape way back in 1992. Well, that got us thinking about two things:

1) How often we played "Stay" on repeat after watching Reality Bites, and 2) Glasses.

Of course, Lisa Loeb is hardly the first artist to be at least partially defined by her eyewear. In fact, we found 14 musicians who have made a real, ahem, spectacle of themselves.

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  • Rivers Cuomo, Weezer

    As famous for his glasses as he is for undoing sweaters, Rivers flew his nerd flag high and cultivated an image that revolved around both his music and his sweater vests. It couldn't be because he looked just like...

  • Buddy Holly

    And what type of list would this be if we excluded the late, great king of eyewear? Mimicked by thousands and adored by millions, Buddy Holly was not just a maverick of sound, but a maverick of sight who continues to influence glasses-wearers with his timeless ‘50s-era black frames.

  • Kanye West

    Kanye may boast about his other<em> other</em> Benz, but we're also betting his specs cost more than our homes. Whether they're fashion or function nobody knows, but we can only hope that with his glasses on, Kanye's DONDA vision will become even clearer.

  • Britney Spears

    When Britney Spears wanted to be taken seriously on 'The X-Factor,' she donned a pair of glasses to make herself look smart. Then, to look even smarter, she quit the show after one season.

  • Alicia Keys

    Do you associate Alicia Keys with wearing glasses? Maybe not, but Alicia's appreciation for eyewear has marked her a trendsetter in the glasses community, with Clearly Contacts devoting an entire blog entry to her Derek Cardigan frames. Next stop: Lenscrafters!

  • Elvis Costello

    Elvis Costello did not invent glasses, but he might as well have as far as we're concerned. Likened to Billy Holly in terms of his thick-framed trademark, Costello's spectacles offer a constant reminder most of will never be able to carry off his look — or write songs like he does, either. (Sorry, Diana Krall.)

  • Elton John

    Your novelty frames mean nothing to Sir Elton John, whose penchant for colour, plastic, and anything oversized put our piddly "hip" efforts to shame. And we thought our cat's eye frames meant something. Sigh.

  • Kid Cudi

    To put it plainly, Kid Cudi is proof that you can maintain both your artistic and literal vision whether it's... day or night. (We're so sorry.)

  • Justin Bieber

    Beliebe it or not, Canada's national treasure is a bespectacled wonder — provided his glasses add to his red carpet vibe. And so whether he wears bright red plastic Raybans or black plastic Raybans, J-Biebs keeps it real. (Unless we find out they're readers — and then he's a liar.)

  • Ne-Yo

    "Let me love you!" is what we'll assume he sung to his token black frames the day he first laid eyes on and behind them. Now, when Ne-Yo looks into his lovers' eyes as he sings, he can truly see them.

  • Jerry Garcia

    "Eyes Of The World" is a Grateful Dead song, Jerry Garcia knew the value a good pair of specs could provide. His were simple and functional, exactly how you balance out tie-dye.

  • John Lennon

    We'll never know why John chose glasses nobody else can pull, but we dig that his trademark wire frames continue to suit him, only him, and maybe his son. Oh, and our grandma.

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Weird Al is more than just a pair of glasses: he is a humourist, a songwriter, and above all, an accordion player. But leaving him off this list would be like refusing to acknowledge the genius of "Amish Paradise" – and we're journalists, damn it.

  • Lisa Loeb

    The whole reason why we did this list. No go watch 'Reality Bites' again. We'll wait.