Target In Canada: Executives To Reveal Clothing, Product Plans For 2013 Stores

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Target Canada executives to reveal brand, product plans for 2013 | AP

It's a big day for anyone who's excited about Target coming to Canada.

This afternoon, at Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works, company executives will unveil their clothing and product plans for 2013. While we've been fully briefed on where the American mega-retailer will set-up shop (here's a list of Target Canada's store locations), this will be the first time we'll hear about the items we can expect to see in store.

Will there be designer collaborations? Can we expect to see products that haven't previously been available on Canadian soil?

In a few hours, we'll know for certain.

Stay tuned to The Huffington Post Canada Style for breaking news on the company's product plans. And let us know what items you hope to see on Target's store shelves on Twitter @HuffPostCaStyle using the hashtag #targetwishlist.

For now, revel in some of the hottest items they have available in store right now.

Target Spring/Summer 2013
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