Pulling in almost eight-million viewers on premiere night (and quadrupling PBS’ average primetime viewership to boot), Downton Abbey is clearly more popular than ever in North America.

Season 3 of the British drama, which centres on the Crawley family after World War I, is already influencing the sartorial world as we embrace flapper style fashion, such as midi skirts, sequinned dresses and vintage jewellery, that were the height of popularity in the light-hearted atmosphere of the post-war period.

So with warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to break out your headscarves and short skirts, find some bright coloured florals, curl your hair (or even cut it short!) and prepare for a skirt-twirling, free-wheeling, twenties-inspired spring.

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Top: Gucci Floral-print silk-georgette top, $795, net-a-porter.com

Skirt: BB Dakota Osana Midi Skirt in Poppy, $90, shopbop.com

Earrings: Manor House Oval Bead Drop Earrings, $18, 1928.com

Shoes: Feeling Fetching Heel, $55, modcloth.com

Hat: Red Bowknot Wool Beret, $51, chicnova.com

Dress: Tracey Reese Art Deco-dence Dress, $700, modcloth.com

LOOK: What Not To Wear For Spring

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  • What Not To Wear: Flip-Flops & Down Jackets

    Separately, these two items are great: flip-flops keep your feet cool in the summer, and down keeps your body warm and toasty in the winter. Together, they're awful -- a complete fashion disaster. If you can go basically shoeless, do you really need to wear a jacket made for sub-zero temps on the upper-half of your body? No. Never. Ever. Credit: Havaianas/Canada Goose

  • What To Wear: Flats & A Trench

    If you want your feet to feel a little bit of the springtime air, opt for a cute pair of ballet flats. You won't fully be exposing your toes to the elements, but they will get a hint of eau de spring. Balance the flats out with a bright and colourful trench like this one. Credit: ALDO/Joe Fresh

  • What Not To Wear: Legwarmers & Skirts

    Skirts are cute. We love wearing them all year round. The only problem is some people get a little too ambitious with baring their legs as soon as the weather begins to warm up. Skirts worn with stockings is a definite spring wardrobe yes. But paired with legwarmers (a clothing item made for the soul purpose of keeping your legs, err, warm) so you can flash a little leg skin? Um, no. Just. No. Credit: American Apparel/Anthropologie

  • What To Wear: Maxi Dress

    Wearing a maxi dress will give you the same "airy" feeling of a shorter skirt, without exposing your legs to the elements. Top with a cropped blazer and a pair of ballet flats and you'll be dressed -- in a sexy and girly way -- for the weather appropriately. Credit: Anthropologie

  • What Not To Wear: Tees & Touques

    This one is just too obvious (so it's super confusing as to why we see this look all over city and town streets): if your arms can be exposed to the elements (sans jacket or long-sleeved T-shirt), you most certainly do not need a hat to keep your head warm. Especially one with ear flaps. Credit: Gap/Roots

  • What To Wear: A Jacket With A Hood

    Balance out your desire to wear lighter clothes with a lightweight jacket. And, to combat any chill you may feel, grab one with a hood -- you'll have something appropriate to warm your head with. Credit: Eddie Bauer

  • What Not To Wear: Uggs & Shorts

    Seriously, guys? Shorts paired with Uggs? Why does anyone think this is a good idea? If your legs can withstand Mother Nature's temperatures, you do not need to wear the equivalent of a winter boot (that should only ever be worn après ski) on your feet. The look is completely ridiculous. And should be banned. Credit: Uggs/J.Crew

  • What To Wear: Shorts With Tights

    This is an obvious trend to reach for if you want to wear shorts in the spring. <a href="http://www.lovelyish.com/712952633/shorts-with-tights/" target="_hplink">Check out all of the fabulous shoe/short/stocking ideas on the amazing blog Lovelyish</a>. Credit: <a href="http://www.lovelyish.com/712952633/shorts-with-tights/" target="_hplink">Lovelyish</a>

  • What Not To Wear: Vests & Scarves

    Vests are a great winter/spring transitional wardrobe piece -- if it's warm enough outside to wear them with only a long-sleeved tee. We'll even allow them to be worn with a turtleneck. But if you have to wear a wool scarf with your vest just to stay warm, said outerwear should be put away until the barometer rises. Wearing a scarf with a vest is not be an option. Repeat: Not. An. Option. Credit: Old Navy/Topshop

  • What To Wear: Layers

    Instead of wearing a vest with a scarf, reach for an outfit that's layered. You'll achieve the same-ish look that you're going for -- relaxed -- but you'll also stay warm. We love the look of this jean shirt under a sweater. Alternatively, reach for a cardi that has a higher neck (you can button it all the way up if you get cold). Credit: J.Crew

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