The Alberta flying community suffered another loss, when a helicopter crash in the province's northwest Sunday night claimed the life of the pilot, the RCMP has confirmed.

The helicopter was found early Monday morning in a heavily wooded area near Fox Creek, which is approximately 260 km northwest of Edmonton, RCMP Sgt. Josée Valiquette said.

"Shortly after 5:00 a.m., the search teams located the crashed helicopter and the lone pilot deceased in a heavy wooden area," said Valiquette.

The crash was reported Sunday night, at which time a search was launched by members of the Fox Creek RCMP, along with the Fox Creek Fire Department and a Canadian Forces Hercules search and rescue crew from Winnipeg.

This is the second fatal air crash to hit the Alberta flying community in less than a week.


A Twin Otter crew from Calgary's Kenn Borek Air crashed while flying over the Antarctic late last week. The wreckage was found over the weekend but none of the three-person crew are believed to have survived.

The pilot's name has not been released, but the helicopter was owned by Gemini Helicopters of Grande Prairie, Alta.

Gemini provides charter services to the oil and gas region.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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