Remember, not too long ago, when Conrad Black exploded at a British journalist for asking too many hard-hitting questions?

Seems like that was just a taste of what's to come -- except this time, Lord Black will be sitting on the other side of the interview. That's right, disgraced media mogul Conrad Black is slated to have his own TV talk show, courtesy of Moses Znaimer's ZoomerMedia.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the talk show will feature Black debating current hot-button topics, not unlike the Piers Morgan segment on CNN. Some examples of issues to be discussed include gun control, the U.S. and Canadian judicial systems and prison sentences.

Co-hosted by former head of CBC Radio executive Denise Donlon, the show is also said to feature a round-table discussion segment.

Black was released from a Florida prison in mid-2012 after serving time for obstruction and fraud charges, and currently resides in Toronto with his wife, Barbara Amiel.

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  • Tom Flemming

    This makes me realize how fortunate I am not to have TV. RT @SusanDelacourt: Conrad Black getting his own TV show?

  • David George-Cosh

    Conrad Black's getting a talk show. And I'm going to watch every episode. ht: @jamescowan

  • Nat Ives

    CNN should give him late-night RT @CraigSilverman: Opprobrious! RT @stephditta: Conrad Black Getting Own TV Talk Show

  • Gary Bobrovitz

    Prison Patter ? “@markusoff: A talk show hosted by Conrad Black? Canada's first -without guests. via @stphnmaher”

  • Susan Delacourt

    Conrad Black getting his own TV show?

  • ABasu

    But. But. But Conrad Black does not speak in ten second soundbites. This week: Mr. Black composes a single thirty minute sentence. Tune in!

  • Jonathon Gatehouse

    I'm pulling for Tom Green as his sidekick. RT @stephditta: Conrad Black Getting Own TV Talk Show

  • garnetfraser

    Joke about Conrad Black's chat show all you want. Won't it automatically be the best Canadian talk show ever?

  • Jason Markusoff

    A talk show hosted by Conrad Black? The pitch: Canada's first talk show — without guests. via @stphnmaher

  • Jaime Weinman

    I will only approve of Conrad Black's talk show if it can convince my mom to watch that instead of Michael Coren.

  • Stephen Murray

    Every chance guests will get occasional word in ... RT @THR: Conrad Black Getting Own TV Talk Show in Canada