"I love you."

Tired of hearing this yet? With Valentine's Day just around the corner, a day of spreading love and hugs, why not get creative and tell that special someone in your life something unexpected? A 2012 survey from WhatsYourPrice.com found that men were more likely to say, "I love you" before women and 81 per cent of men said it in a private setting, often in the bedroom.

So this February 14 could be the time to test out some new terms of endearment. And yes, it can help to be original in the delivery as well — maybe send them an early morning text, leave a sticky note on the fridge or tuck a message in their pocket.

There are the classic quotes that most of us know from song lyrics, movies and famous authors. Sure, they work, but all those lines from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet,' or Jack and Rose's exchange of words from 'Titanic' can't help but feel somewhat overused.

So whatever your style may be, let it be reflected in your words. We've rounded up 30 fun quotes on love, sex and everything in between for each type of nose-nuzzling personality.

LOOK: 30 quotes about love, to share with your love:

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  • For The Smooch Lover

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  • For The Cheesy One

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  • For The Hopeless Romantic

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  • For The Old Soul

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  • For The Simple One

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  • For The Realistic One

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  • For The Dramatic One

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  • For The High School Sweethearts

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  • For The Art Lovers

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  • For The Best Friends

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  • For The Bruno Mars Lover

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  • For The Big Dreamer

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  • For The Couples With History

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  • For The Corny One

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  • For The Gosling Lover

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  • For The Music Lover

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  • For The Honest One

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  • And Well, Another Honest One

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  • For The One Who Is REALLY In Love

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  • For The Traveller

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  • For The Workaholic

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  • For The Hopeless Romantic

    <strong>SHARE THIS:</strong> <a href="http://pinterest.com/ucfrednkc2/my-lovely-thoughts-and-inspirations/">Heather Beagley</a>

  • For The Unpredictable One

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  • For The One With Hope

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  • For The Geek

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  • For The Strange One

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  • For The Sensitive One

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  • For The Dirty Talker

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  • For The Lover Of Love

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  • For The Married Life

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