As distribution of the Canadian penny ends, you're no doubt wondering what to do with your hoards of spare change.

Thanks to the government's decision to eliminate the penny due to production costs and other factors, the Royal Canadian Mint will begin collecting the coins today. Businesses will now start to round cash transactions, eventually eliminating the penny from circulation.

So what can you do with your pennies? We have a few ideas, some practical and some just for fun, in the gallery below. Add your own in the comments.

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  • What To Do With Your Pennies

  • Donate Them

    Give them to <a href="">Free The Children</a>, or <a href="">the Tim Horton Children's Foundation</a>, or <a href="">Habitat For Humanity</a>.

  • Use One As A Screwdriver In A Pinch

  • Make A Penny Stack...

  • A Ridiculously Tall Penny Stack

  • Payback

    We kid. No one is obligated to take over 25 cents worth of pennies as payment, <a href="">according to the Currency Act</a>. Although it <a href="">didn't stop this guy from trying</a>.

  • Anchor Curtains With Them

    Slide a few pennies into the bottom hem so your curtains hang straight. <a href="">Here's how</a>.

  • Make A Wish...

  • Or A Lot Of Wishes

  • Turn It Into Jewelry

    <a href="">Like this person did</a>.

  • Tile Your Floor With Them

  • Seriously.

  • But Don't Use One On Your CD Cover

    <a href="">Here's why</a>.

  • Goodbye Penny! We'll Miss You.

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