Today marks the sad end for the penny, a minuscule monetary denomination that was perhaps best known as provider of good luck (if you saw one and picked it up, that is) and the inspiration for a street name that inspired a Beatles song. Alas, pretty soon "Penny Lane" may be the main reason the upcoming generation ever thinks about the penny, which makes us feel, well, old.

So we put together a metaphorical mixtape of songs about pennies that we'd suggest you somehow record onto a cassette tape and play in your boombox while you shake your angry fists at the kids on your lawn and tell them about how, back in our day, we had pennies, and we liked 'em, dammit. (And we tied onions to our belts, which was the style at the time.)

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  • Ben Kweller "Penny On The Train Track"

    I surely can't be the only one with fond memories of squishing pennies flat on the train tracks by my childhood home. But in not too long, only people as old as these awesome ladies will remember destroying pennies in such an awesome manner.

  • Skydiggers "A Penny More"

    Canadian roots rockers The Skydiggers landed their biggest hit with "A Penny More," a bitter song that will one day make no cents, er, sense to the kids.

  • Slade "In For A Penny"

    When this song based on the expression "in for a penny, in for a pound" came out, Melody Maker savaged it, saying "it promises little for the future of the band." And now the penny is out of circulation, just like Slade.

  • Sonny Rollins "Penny Saved"

    A penny saved used to mean a penny earned. But now it means nothing. Sorry, Sonny.

  • Ronnie Lane "Give Me A Penny"

    Former Faces/Small Faces guitarist was rock 'n' roll royalty. But as a working class Brit who had to earn his way to the top he knew the value of a penny.

  • Peter Frampton "Penny For Your Thoughts"

    My thoughts? Well, I guess the worth of my thoughts have now risen to a nickel. You're gonna have to pony up, Peter!

  • Dean Martin "Pennies From Heaven"

    Don't worry, Dean, this song isn't going anywhere, even if pennies themselves will soon be as elusive as, well, heaven.

  • Nat King Cole Trio "Got A Penny Benny"

    Nat sings "I went to the bank, but they had none to spare." Tell me about it, man.