Pat Martin's Penny Poem Bids Coin Good Riddance (VIDEO)

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The Canadian penny is no more and one MP's glee could apparently only be expressed through prose.

NDP MP Pat Martin stood in the House of Commons Monday and delivered a poem praising the end of the penny:

Farewell to the lowly old penny,
the most of commons coins that you'll see.
It once served us well,
but most people will tell,
it ain't what it once used to be.

The Royal Canadian Mint officially stopped distributing pennies on Monday. The copper-coloured coins were costing more to produce than their value and many stores will now be rounding cash purchases to the nearst .05 or .10 cent.

Martin's disdain for the one-cent coin is no secret — he's introduced bills to get rid of pennies three times, reports the Winnipeg Free Press.

But Martin's ambitions don't stop at stop at pennies. If Martin gets his way, nickels and quarters will be the next to go. His ultimate goal is to whittle down transaction to denominations of 10 cents and introduce 10 and 20-cent coins, reports PostMedia.

Watch Martin share his full poem above.

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