Roberto Luongo, the Vancouver Canucks goalie under intense trade rumours, impressed hockey fans Saturday night with a CBC interview that was at turns thoughtful and hilarious — including calling sportscaster Scott Oake a term that sent everyone running to Google.

Luongo, who sat out the Canucks 5-1 win over the Calgary Flames, appeared on "After Hours" and made fun of himself as a backup goalie, elaborated on an embarrassing bathroom trip during the 2007 playoffs and all but confirmed he is behind the popular Twitter account @strombone1..

He also called Oake fish sperm.

Prodded by Twitter questions, Oake asked Luongo about the Shapy Awards, which were made up by a small group of Vancouver sports fans.

After Luongo explained that "shap" is a made-up term, he said: "There are a lot of terms I don't even get myself. For instance, the term milt. A few times I've heard people refer to you as a milt but I'll let you figure that one out on your own."

Luongo's self-deprecating attitude on the show got noticed by many people on Twitter.

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  • Ian

    I feel like I just had multiple orgasms after that Luongo after hours segment

  • Sean Norman

    Oh my god, who else is watching after hours with Luongo?! I love this man, he's hilarious! Never change, Roberto!

  • Dan Russell CKNW

  • Keith Baldrey

    Luongo on After Hours just showed why he'd be a big loss to the community if he's traded. Thoughtful, funny, and compassionate.

  • Pass it to Bulis

    Luongo on After Hours > Bieber on SNL

  • Andrew Ngo

    Luongo was great on After Hours. Funny and a professional. No matter what happens or where he goes, he's got my respect #Canucks

  • Dylan Nicholson

    No joke. Luongo (@strombone1) on After Hours was the greatest 15 minutes in CBC history.

  • Woody

    Wow! Watching Luongo on HNIC After Hours breeds a whole new level of respect for the guy. AMBASSADOR could well be his moniker.

  • Dan Russell CKNW

  • Gabby.

    And luongo on after hours was awesome, he handled it all perfectly. His answers were great, and there was so much awkwardness. #loveeeit

  • Pass it to Bulis

    Luongo: "They love their backups in Vancouver, so that's why I'm a fan favourite right now." #Canucks

  • Cameron

    Luongo talking about Milfs on after hours #uhhwhat #canucks @CBCAfterHours

  • Scott Oake

    Our guest on Aft Hrs tonight: Roberto Luongo. You may have heard of him. And Kevin Bieksa will be on to talk about #Afterhours

  • Travis Yost

    Roberto Luongo is awesome.

  • Harrison Mooney

    Roberto Luongo cracks wise, discusses a certain popular local Twitter account on HNIC After Hours [VIDEO] | PITB

  • Shane M

    Luongo hits it out of the park on After Hours and his boy Biebs is hosting SNL. Other than not playing, a perfect night for RL.

  • Juan Peen

    After hours is so dope. Luongo deserves so much credit for how he has handled situation #funnyguy #wellspoken #hnic @strombone1

  • The Lawlmaster

    @hockeynight luongo was the best after hours guest i've seen in some time #hnic

  • Shaylene

    Luongo + Bieksa + After Hours = Perfection

  • Ian

    @MarioMontega Luongo shapped on after hours, called Oake a milt

  • Ryan Briggs

    Luongo on After Hours was brilliant.

  • Shawnacey

    @strombone1. Fire Craig Simpson and hire Luongo for After Hours...won't even need to quote Twitter to keep us interested..just saying : )

  • Sukh Purewal

    Roberto Luongo on after hours was fantastic. What a genuine dude. It will be a sad day when he's gone @strombone1

  • Dave Lee-Son

    Wow. "After Hours" with Luongo was just gold. "Gold, Jerry! Gold!"

  • Rida

    This Roberto Luongo After Hours interview is EVERYTHING. The Canucks continue to make your faves irrelevant. Bye.

  • Tracy Ostby

    Hockey Night in Canada after hours is pretty cool. I just earned a lot of respect for Robert Luongo after that interview.

  • Seamus McKale

    Luongo on After Hours is the best thing that's ever been on televison #canucks

  • Adrian Alden

    After hours with luongo was better than the game

  • MJ

    #Luongo just called Scott Oake a MILT on after hours #TotallyRedeemsHimself

  • Steve Sime

    Luongo killed it on after hours tonight!!!

Oake highlighted some of the funny Tweets sent by the @strombone1 account to which Luongo responded:

"You gotta be able to make fun of yourself in life. I don't want to take things too seriously. I want to keep them light-hearted. Life is very valuable and important. There's things more important to life than hockey. Sometimes you get caught up in that whole thing and we take it too seriously. We don't look at the bigger picture. I just want to keep it light and show people what type of person I am and that's the perfect way to do it."

Luongo also talked about a recent story where a Victoria nurse who is fighting cancer said she was inspired by the goalie's mental toughness in enduring criticism after the Canucks lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs.

"It really touched me and after reading the letter and the story, I found she was more of an inspiration to me than I was to her," said Luongo.

Watch the full "After Hours" segment: