Rocker Bryan Adams welcomed his second child into the world earlier this week: a daughter named Lula Rosylea. Rosylea is apparently Cockney rhyming slang for a cup of tea.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl was born in London earlier this week with both the daughter and mother Alicia Grimaldi doing well.

"My second daughter Lula Rosylea arrived at tea time this week," Adams wrote on his Facebook page. "The name Lula comes from Gene Vincent's 1958 song 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' and Rosylea is a play on the expression 'a rosie lee' which is cockney rhyming slang in London for 'a cup of tea' and pronounced the same. She was born in London and... she's my cup of tea."

Earlier today, Adams took to Twitter to thank fans for their kind words for the supportive messages he'd received. "Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes," he tweeted. "Baby and mama are doing well))".

The child is the second for Adams and his partner Grimaldi as the couple's first daughter Mirabella Bunny was born in April 2011. The "Bunny" name give as she was born over Easter.

Adams released his last studio album "11" in 2008 and is apparently working on the as-yet untitled follow-up, which he recently revealed in a Twitter message.

"@Andy_Dufresne7 the new album is still being worked on, if we're lucky it will be done for the end of the year...stay tuned," he tweeted yesterday.

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