"The Amazing Race Canada" audition videos uploaded by hopeful candidates are typically Canadian in a lot of ways.

There's plenty of snow, several references to hockey and at least half a dozen Tim Hortons cups in this collection of videos, and this group of some of our favourites is only a handful; it's estimated that thousands of pairs from across Canada have applied to be on the show. February 28, 2013 is the last day to apply to be a contestant.

From Squamish, B.C. all the way to Newfoundland, these couples showcase their humour, athleticism and personalities for a chance to win the main prize. Watch them and vote for your favourite!

We've reached our quota for the slideshow, but you can still upload your video to the comments section below! Thanks to all for your submissions, and good luck!

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  • Team Gaysian (Toronto, ON)

    Best friends forever and partners-in-crime for 14 years? We'd watch them.

  • Team High School Sweethearts (B.C.)

    A couple that can make you laugh out loud by playing pranks on each other would make for a fascinating team.

  • Team Squamish (um ... Squamish, B.C.)

    These lovebirds' hairstyles and back-story make them winners already.

  • Team BodyBreak (Ontario)

    Recognize these two? We can't imagine a better team for 'The Amazing Race.'

  • Team Fight City (Toronto, ON)

    If this couple can kick each other's asses, then the other teams wouldn't stand a chance -- at least physically.

  • Team Fire Medics (Lethbridge, ALTA)

    The quality of this video alone should earn these guys a place on the show.

  • Team Cronyn Twins (ON?)

    These two camera-friendly brothers would be a smash hit.

  • Team Eric & Matthew (Mississauga, ON)

    OK, these dudes are nerdy and hilarious.

  • Team Lipstick Librarians (GTA, ON)

    Having travelled across the entire country, Hayley and Lorraine may have a leg up on the competition.

  • Team Trent & Kelsey (Kelowna, B.C.)

    A brother and sister team never fails to entertain. All that family history and stuff.

  • Team LeVangie Brothers (Frankville, N.S.)

    Finally, some East Coasters! These guys are triple threats: TV vets, jokers and problem-solvers.

  • Team Pastor & Policeman (Toronto, ON)

    What an odd pairing! Watching them infiltrate City Hall is pretty entertaining, so they'd probably be great on the show.

  • Team Frye Brothers (Collingwood, ON)

    Whoa, things got all scientific on us there -- but seriously, these identical twins certainly have an impressive stunt résumé.

  • Team Jenn 23 & Steve (NFLD)

    They're right. This show <em>does</em> need a couple for Newfoundland.

  • Team Emma & Liane (Ottawa, ON & Calgary, ALTA)

    These two friends have travelled together all over the world, so we think they're well-suited for the tribulations of the race.

  • Team Léger Brothers (Bolton, ON)

    The cuteness of the matching T-shirts does us in, every time.

  • Team Mallory & Brandon (Lindsay, ON)

    The epic one-hand clap and humming, together. Beautiful.

  • Team Sherman Twins (ON)

    Bonus points for the baby photos/videos, boys!

  • Team Mitic (Unknown)

    One brother has prosthetic feet (with some very impressive athleticism), and the other brother wants to use the Race to bond. All together now: awwww.

  • Team Blonde (SASK)

    It looks and sounds freezing, so kudos for actually making this video. Very cute!

  • Team Luke & Greg (Victoria, B.C.)

    #WhatTheHeckGreg (User Submitted)

  • Team Green-White Dynamite (Vancouver, B.C.)

    We are Kevin Green and Christine White -- cancer-conquering cycling crusaders Kevin is a banker who finds enlightenment and inspiration from business and motivational books, and Christine is a voice/piano teacher and model who likes to play MMORPGs. (User-Submitted)

  • Team Alex & Josh (Edmonton, Alta.)

    The Amazing Race Canada audition video for the Edmonton based Bromance of Alex and Josh. Watch out everyone, and remember to Fear The Bromance! (User-Submitted)

  • Team Ham & Mike


  • Team Shara & Peter (Victoria, B.C.)


  • Team Diana & Mallory (Saskatoon, SASK.)

    Mallory and Diana are co-workers from Saskatoon Saskatchewan that bonded over a love for witty banter. (User-Submitted)

  • Team Jen & Alanna (ON)


  • Gill and Val (Toronto, ON)

  • Team Alan & Graham (ON)


  • Team Stanton & Alayne (NS)

  • Kristina Linden and Luca Patrk (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • Matthew and Gina (Toronto, ON)

  • Chris Shulgan and Chantel Guertin (Unknown)

  • Team Married to Twins (Unknown)

  • Team Brando; Max and Me (Calgary, AB)

  • Team Pilwon & Siwan (Toronto, ON)

  • Team Ex & Next / Erika & Cari (Kitchener, ON)

  • Team Tim & Charlene / Father Daughter Combo (ON)

  • Team Shir & Rachel (Unknown)

  • Team Simon & Nick

  • Team Jono & Tony (Bracebridge, ON)

  • Carrie & Tricia (Waterloo, ON)

  • Ryan & Eric (Unknown)

  • Team 'Positive' / Heather & Deb (Oshawa, ON)

  • Team West Coast Besties / Nicole & Laura (B.C.)

  • Derek & Saya (Toronto, ON)

  • Team 'Book Sisters' Michelle & Charlotte (Unknown)

  • Team Mike & Chris (Calgary, AB)

  • Team 'PEI Twins' / Arlo & Leon Sutherland (PEI)

  • Phil & Caly (Jasper, AB)

  • Team 'Dulude Bros' / Clint & Kevin (Ottawa, ON)