Newfoundland may not have the oil sands of Alberta, or British Columbia's year-round temperate weather, but the province more than makes up for such "shortcomings" with a west coast that has everything a good time-lapse needs.

Alternating scenes of the sun rising over a wood bridge while people whiz by? Check.

Steady, wide-angle shots of high and low tide of nearby bays and beaches? You bet.

Stunning footage of the night sky as stars shoot by, finishing with the green-hues of the aurora borealis lighting the land below? Oh yeah.

And these are just snippets of "Passing the Time in Western Newfoundland", a time-lapse video shot by Jim MacDonald. MacDonald, a filmmaker and Newfoundland resident who has spent the past few years filming in Gros Morne National Park. The park is one of the four parts of Western Newfoundland — The Northern Peninsula, Humber Valley and the Southwest Coast comprise the rest.

But good luck distinguishing between the four. MacDonald's video eschews any narration or dialogue for an orchestra soundtrack that could have easily fit in a Christopher Nolan movie.

Recognize any parts of Western Newfoundland in the time-lapse above? Let us know what you see in the comments below or tweet us your answers @HPCaTravel.

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