Jaimie Baisley rolled up a real winner on a cup of Tim Horton's coffee.

It wasn't a new car, or even a humble doughnut, but a request for her hand in marriage.

Baisley, 36, was in her Etobicoke, Ont. home last Saturday when her boyfriend Jeff Chapman, 37, came in with two steaming cups of Timmies coffee. It was their usual weekend morning routine, although Chapman took a little longer than usual to return.

When it came time to roll up their rims, Baisley found a "please play again" in her cup. It was her 12th loss in a row. Her boyfriend on the other hand had multiple wins under his belt.

"I was convinced my luck was the worst and his was the best because he kept winning," says Baisley.

Chapman gave her his cup to roll up. She needed a little pushing after noticing it had already been unrolled and rerolled. She assumed he'd won and was trying to pass it on to her ("he's really cute that way").

Inside was, finally, a win for Baisley: a message reading "will you marry me?"

Chapman got on one knee and pulled out a ring.

"I said yes, yes, yes," says Baisley.

Chapman says he's not the crafty type and it took him a few tries to get the proposal taped on just right — but he knew a surprise was the only way to go. Baisley had been dropping hints, anticipating a proposal at every dinner and weekend getaway, so he had to catch her off guard. He thought finally giving her a Timmies win would do the trick.

"I wanted to guarantee her the biggest win of all," says Chapman.

Baisley shared the happy news on Twitter and her story caught the eye of Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons
Congrats! RT : Is this the best Canadian proposal you've ever seen or what? She rolled up a winner ....

Baisley's friend suggested that Timmies supply the wedding with Timbits, but Chapman says some more coffee might be more appropriate for the happy couple.

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