Michael Caine's 80th Birthday: What Men Can Learn From His Look

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Michael Caine turns 80 and he still dresses better than you. | Alamy

Sir Michael Caine may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think "style icon" but his look (think casual dandy) is having a major revival.

From chunky, wide glasses to fitted blazers and tailored trousers, the 80-year-old (happy birthday!) actually knows a thing or two about how to dress well.

It's time to raid your grandfather's closet.

Check out the must-have items every man should have in their closet, courtesy of Michael Caine's awesome sartorial choices.

Michael Caine Style Tips
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Bangin' Blazers
Blazers are back in a big way for men and women. The key to this look, as Caine well knows, is tailoring. Get it fitted around the waist and torso to get that preppy look.

Drop Trou
Like blazers, the most important aspect about trousers is to get them tailored. So guys, ditch your skinny jeans (they're so 2009).

Wear Glasses
Hipsters everywhere have been rocking these large, chunky glasses for years and it all started with Caine.

Pin Thin!
These days, Caine prefers thin, wire frames, but that's cool, because this look is modern and fresh for all ages.

Set The Mood
You can't go wrong with a hint of colour in your eyewear.

Mix It Up
It's good to have a bit of variety and Caine does it so well with a wire rim frame and chunky bridge.

Try A Cravat
They aren't just for English lords. A cravat is a great way to look stylish but informal. And they're trendier than the bowtie.

Support Canada
If celebs like Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine can pull off a Canadian Tuxedo, then Michael Caine can too.

A Collar Dress Shirt
This classic shirt is a Caine staple and never goes out of style. To emulate his look, pair it with a skinny tie, casual trousers and a pair of shiny loafers.

Oxford Shirt
If you want to dress more casually, an Oxford shirt is the best way to clean yourself up without looking like you're going to an English soirée with the Queen. Basically, it's okay to wear one to work.

Bring Back the Turtleneck
It's cold outside and scarves just aren't doing it. Just get over your embarrassment and wear a turtleneck, à la Caine.

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