Need a distraction from all that Easter chocolate?

Instead of putting yourself in a sugar coma, grab some pastel polish, glitter and some toothpicks and create cute Easter nail art designs that will be the envy of all your friends.

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  • Bunnies!

    No Easter nail is complete without a bunny and it doesn't have to be difficult to do on your own. Paint your whole nail first, add your bunny shape (or egg, chick, etc) and then use a toothpick to add the small details.

  • Unlikely Colours

    Easter doesn't normally associate itself with grey, but the right shade works well, especially if you add a dash of pale pink to brighten it up. It's unexpected and unique. Courtesy of Leslie/<a href="" target="_blank">WorkPlayPolish</a>

  • If You Have The Time

    For those who are blessed with patience, go for a crazy design with colourful swirls and intricate letters. So cute!

  • The Non-Manicure

    This can be really fun to do. Just make sure to add a clear polish before you paint your tips so your whole nail looks glossy and finished.

  • Old Faithful

    Say you don't have the time to do an intricate rabbit with glitter and stencils (and let's face it, who does?) a one-shade nail in a pastel colour always looks beautiful. And if you want to jazz it up a bit, put some glitter polish on just one of your nails.

  • Speckled

    You can try to do this design DIY or you can buy it in a bottle. Either way, it's a unique twist on a speckled egg. Your nails will be the envy of your friends.

  • Polka Dots

    Polka dots are such a spring design reminiscent of our youth. Don't go to the nail salon to get this look; you can do it yourself. Just grab a toothpick and carefully dab away.

  • Colour Blocking

    For something extra special, colour blocking in pastel shades will ensure you have all the Easter hues covered.

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