Target Canada Prices: Some Items On Par With U.S., Comparison Finds

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It appears that women's clothing at Target Canada is often on price par with the U.S., while men's clothing and household goods tend to be more expensive. (The Canadian Press photo) | CP

As Target Canada gets set for its grand opening Apr. 5, the company is fending off complaints from some Canadians that prices are higher than at their U.S. Target locations.

Huffington Post Canada did a quick comparison of in-store prices during a sneak preview of the chain's Toronto Shopper's World location, which opens Thursday, and the same items on Target's American website. Based on this very limited comparison, it appears women's clothing prices are often on par, while men's clothing, houseware and other products are somewhat more expensive in Canada than in the U.S.

While in-store prices can vary from online prices, even in the same country, it's our best point of reference as Target Canada has not responded to inquiries about in-store U.S. prices for the listed items. Target Canada's website does not currently list any item prices.

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How Target Canada Prices Stack Up With U.S. Target Prices
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Women's Merona Emilia Espadrille sandals are C$29.99 in Toronto and US$29.99 on the U.S website.

Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Knit Pajama set is C$24.99 in Canadian stores and US$24.99 on the U.S. website.

Mossimo Women's Ponte Boyfriend Jacket is C$39.99 in store and US$29.99 on the U.S. website.

Bird-Bead-Wavy Disc Earrings Trio is C$9.99 in Canadian stores and US$7.99 on the American website.

Mossimo Supply Co. Men's Short Sleeve Tee Shirt is C$9.99 in-store and marked down from US$9.99 to $7.49 on the U.S. website.

Mossimo Supply Co. Men's Long Sleeve Poplin Workshirt is C$24.99 in Target's Toronto store and marked down from US$22.99 to $17.24 on the U.S. website.

Ridel Vivant Pinot Noir Tumblers Set of 2 $C24.99 but US$19.99 at

Giada De Laurentiis 12" Non-stick frying pan is C$39.99 compared to US$35.49 (online price).

Soda Stream 60L CO2 Spare Carbonator is C$34.99 in the Toronto store and US$29.99 on the American site.

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