When the San Jose Sharks traded Ryane Clowe to the New York Rangers at last week's trade deadline, no one consulted this kid.

The news hit him like a tonne of Zdeno Charas.

Clowe, a hulking power forward, hadn't notched a goal for the Sharks all season, but it didn't diminish his standing in this fan's eyes.

In the clip, the young Sharks fan takes to the patio to cool off, while his mother tries to reassure him.

"I don't care if it's just hockey," he bawls.

A big part of the boy's beef with the trade comes down to how it will affect his own play on the Xbox 360 version of hockey.

"What if there was a new game.. and Ryane Clowe is on the Rangers?"

The scene ends rather abruptly with the the boy sulking off into the house, slamming the patio door behind him.

He isn't the first to be left in ruins by a hockey trade -- and he certainly won't be the last.

This seven-year-old was inconsolable when he found out Marian Gaborik was traded from the New York Rangers last week.

Rest easy, young men. You can, in fact, trade players in the EA Sports hockey game franchise.

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