Canada is famous for its friendliness, but it isn’t the most welcoming country for travellers, according to a recent report.

The World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked 140 countries in several categories, including on the “attitude of population toward foreign visitors.”

It assigned scores on a scale from one, “very unwelcome,” to seven, “very welcome.” Canada ranked 12th with value of 6.6, a score it shared with many other nations. The average was 6.1.

The report assessed travel & tourism industries in other categories, such as safety and security, tourism infrastructure, and many more.

Overall, Canada ranked eighth, up one spot from last year. The report commended Canada for its World Heritage sites, natural resources, air transportation infrastructure and cultural resources (“international fairs and exhibitions”), among its other attributes. But it also mentioned the country’s price competitiveness and environmental sustainability as concerns, as well as “a decline in the perception of the enforcement of environmental regulations.”

The report included data from “publicly available sources, international travel and tourism institutions and experts,” as well as information from the Executive Opinion Survey administered by the WEF and partnering organizations.

Have you travelled to any of these countries? Did they feel welcoming?

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  • 10. Burkina Faso

    Value: 6.6 1: Very unwelcome, 7: Very welcome <a href="" target="_blank">From World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013</a>.

  • 9. Ireland

    Value: 6.6

  • 8. Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Value: 6.6

  • 7. Portugal

    Value: 6.6

  • 6. Senegal

    Value: 6.7

  • 5. Austria

    Value: 6.7

  • 4. Macedonia

    Value: 6.7

  • 3. Morocco

    Value: 6.7

  • 2. New Zealand

    Value: 6.8

  • 1. Iceland

    Value: 6.8

  • MORE: Unfriendliest Countries For Tourists

    The lowest-ranked countries on <a href="" target="_blank">World Economic Forum's “attitude of population toward foreign visitors" list</a>.

  • 10. Mongolia

    Value: 5.5

  • 9. Bulgaria

    Value: 5.5

  • 8. Slovak Republic

    Value: 5.5

  • 7. Pakistan

    Value: 5.3

  • 6. Iran

    Value: 5.2

  • 5. Latvia

    Value: 5.2

  • 4. Kuwait

    Value: 5.2

  • 3. Russian Federation

    Value: 5.0

  • 2. Venezuela

    Value: 4.5

  • 1. Bolivia

    Value: 4.1

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