Our favourite Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, turns 39 on April 17 and we bet she will get loads of Hermes scarves, souped-up Porsches and Prada dresses from her doting husband David Beckham.

We've been a fan of Posh's since she posed her way into our hearts as one-fifth of the Spice Girls back in the mid-'90s.

Since then, she has gone through major professional and personal changes; from her boob job to her growing family (the mom of four welcomed daughter Harper Seven Beckham in 2011); her solo record and her career as a fashion designer, Victoria is indisputably the most successful Spice Girl.

And so we take a look back at her style before she became a major fashion icon, when she still had fake breasts and an orange tan.

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  • Posh really did have fun showing off those puppies.

  • Possibly her worst outfit ever (but our favourite). What is she wearing?? Why is David's suit so big on him??

  • Boobs! That strapless top barely covers them!

  • It must be tiring having to keep that pose for so long.

  • Of course she wears an Hervé Leger bandeau dress. The better to show off her breasts.

  • Side-boob!

  • Victoria can't take all the blame for these pinstripe horrors but at least she could have worn a better bra.

  • This dress is making us dizzy.

  • The matching suits are definitely a relic from the boy/girl band phenomenon of the '90s.

  • We're so happy that Posh is having a laugh about her very sheer blouse.

  • Victoria clones should be inserted at all airports as greeters.

  • Oh, we bet Posh regrets this one.

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