This is how one should think about red carpet style at the Juno Awards: If the MuchMusic Video Awards is the young, hip daughter who isn't afraid of trying out trends, then the Junos is the older aunt, desperately tying to fit in.

To be blunt, the sartorial doesn't mean the celebrity on Canada's premiere music night.

But that doesn't mean every artist who walks the red carpet is wearing a flop; in the last couple of years, we've seen many singers flaunt their stuff in fashionable outfits (think Feist in a gorgeous red lace gown and Metric's Emily Haines in an ethereal white dress at last year's show.)

This Sunday, we're expecting big things from our performers not just on stage but on the red carpet.

Will Chavril (that's Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger) wear matching punk rock outfits?

Will Carly Rae Jepsen (who's nominated for five awards this year) surprise us in a gown with a plunging neckline?

Will Justin Bieber show up and rip off his shirt?

We can't wait!

Check out photos of the best and worst past Junos fashions:

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  • Carly Rae Jepsen- 2012

    Carly was Canada's princess at the 2012 Junos and she definitely looked it in this purple confection.

  • Feist- 2012

    Red lace gorgeousness.

  • Jully Black- 2012

    Va-va-voom! The lady is a vamp!

  • Hannah Georgas-2011

    Modern-day Grecian goddess.

  • Mia Martina- 2011

    Is she an extra from "Sex and The City 2"?

  • Danny Fernandes and Shawn Desman- 2011

    The brothers have completely different styles and yet they still look great; Danny with his urban look and Shawn in a classic tailored suit.

  • Hedley- 2011

    The gentlemen of Hedley sure clean up well, no?

  • Keshia Chante- 2011

    Keisha's in prom night mode.

  • Jacynthe- 2011

    We're not sure what's going on with this mess of an outfit but we don't like it.

  • Deadmau5- 2011

    Anyone who has the guts to wear a mouse helmet is good in our books.

  • Kardinal Offishall- 2011

    If Kardinal ditched the fur coat we would be all over his amazing outfit. Who can pull off a red suit like he does?

  • Emily Haines- 2011

    We love Emily's ethereal yet simple shift dress. The strands and strands of necklace really make it cool.

  • Shania Twain- 2011

    You're still the one for us Shania, despite this awful tulle gown.

  • Drake- 2011

    The man's a sexy beast in that suit.

  • Sarah Harmer- 2007

    This is just wrong on so many levels. You do not wear winter boots with a spring peasant top!

  • Nelly Furtado - 2007

    Baby got back!

  • Keshia Chante- 2007

    Look how young Keshia looks! But why can we see her lingerie?

  • Chad Kroeger- 2007

    Come on, Chad, put a little effort into it.

  • Melissa O'Neil- 2007

    Oh honey, noooooo....

  • Feist- 2005

    Forget the blouse over the dress; what is going on with those bad shoes??

  • Keshia Chante- 2005

    We're going to blame Keshia's youth for this messy outfit.

  • Kalan Porter- 2005

    Is that a pinstripe leather jacket? Our eyes! Our poor eyes!

  • Fefe Dobson- 2005

    That's basically how we feel about Fefe's ruffled sheer train wreck.

  • Avril Lavigne - 2004

    Classic Avril style. We miss this.

  • Alanis Morissette- 2004

    Who allowed Alanis to wear this? WHO??

  • Sarah McLachlan- 2004

    We're not sure what kind of print is on this eyesore but at least the jean jacket kind of covers it up.

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