Elections can be long and dreary affairs, so it's no surprise that some politicians and journalists on the campaign trail are taking the time to lighten the mood amidst door-knocking and policy announcements.

The Canadian Press has documented numerous funny moments using Instagram, taking colourful photos of campaigners such as Premier Christy Clark and NDP Leader Adrian Dix as they pound the pavement around the province.

The Huffington Post B.C. took a number of those photos and tried to extrapolate what people in the pictures might be thinking. Not being psychics, we cannot verify the veracity of these thoughts.

Check out some humourous moments from the B.C. campaign trail.

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  • "Come get me when it's over."

  • "I don't like this creepy hipster cut."

  • Adrian Dix, anime character.

  • "You finally took a decent picture!" - This is precisely what Globe and Mail photographer John Lehmann (right) said in a comment on Instagram.

  • "Hey, when do I get my turn to talk?"

  • "Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig!"

  • "See, reporters? It's a broom! You use it to sweep the bus wherever you left a mess!"

  • "We never thought we'd cover a campaign up a beanstalk!"

  • "I know better than to get acupuncture from THIS reporter!"

  • "Check out my David Blaine impression!"

  • "Hmm... it's no use, they ain't buying my message. Time for Plan B: rename the Port Mann Bridge the 'Spongebob Squarepants' Bridge."

  • "That NDP platform's got to be up here somewhere."

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