This Sunday, May 12 is Mother's Day. While you make plans for breakfast in bed and ponder what to get your mother. We're also asking you to share your thoughts about mom on Twitter with the hashtag #MomIn140.

Tell us your favourite story about mom, an online greeting to a mom you can't visit, or even your brief words of praise for one of the most important women in your life.

We'll include the best in our slideshow below and we'll tweet out some of our favourites from our twitter accounts. Don't have Twitter? Leave a message to your mom in the comments below and we'll pick out some of our favourites. Happy Mother's Day!

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  • Arti Patel

    We may live in 2 different worlds but we do agree on some stuff: Most Bollywood sucks, Indian food IS amazing, cats are annoying #MomIn140

  • Marni Soupcoff

    My mom is nurturing and supportive, and taught me the important stuff: how to bake cookies and the proper usage of "hopefully" #MomIn140

  • Brian Tien Trinh

    Thanks Ma, for proving to me you don't need to have big muscles to be a hero, you just need to know how to fix the WI-FI at home #MomIn140

  • Claire Sibonney

    My mom has so much style, she has to change the buttons on every jacket and cardigan she buys #MomIn140

  • jesseferreras

    Mom has always just wanted me to be happy, and she's done everything to see that through. I'm happier today than I've ever been. #MomIn140

  • Sunny Freeman

    This year my birthday is on Mother's Day. My mom's health, support and friendship are the best gifts I could ask for #MomIn140...

  • Rebecca Zamon

    Teaching right from wrong, instilling a love of reading & libraries, imparting a kickass salad dressing recipe. All the essentials #MomIn140

  • Sam Emmerson

    @HuffPostCanada My Gran was the closest I had to a Mom. She was my everything, taught me about dignity, grace & compassion. #Momin140

  • Jehna D

    Best thing my Mom does: telling everyone that I have a class at 6PM PST so I can watch The Rachel #Maddow Show #MomIn140

  • TracyRedefined

    I grew in my mom's heart & entered her world permanently at 8 months. She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. #MomIn140

  • Mad Muffy

    I'm the youngest of 11. She didn't eat any of us. First miracle. Never yelled or raised a hand. Would make Chuck Norris feel bad. #MomIn140

  • Krysta Ibach

    My mom taught me something I still hold to today. You are never too busy to help those who need it. #MomIn140

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