Long-time Harper confidant Ray Novak has been named as the new PMO chief of staff, reporters from CTV and CBC tweeted on Sunday morning.

Novak replaces Nigel Wright, who resigned on Sunday after it was revealed earlier this week that he personally wrote a $90,000 cheque to assist Sen. Mike Duffy repay his Senate expenses. Novak was Harper's principal secretary.

"This will be a really big change for Ray. He's always had a lot of influence but not a lot of responsibility," one colleague said of Sunday’s news.

Despite being a loyal member of Harper's inner circle, Novak, who has been described as a hard worker who doesn't seek the spotlight, has managed to keep a low public profile.

The 36-year-old from the Ottawa Valley attended the University of Western Ontario and studied under former Harper chief of staff Ian Brodie before heading to Calgary for post-graduate studies. According to Maclean's, he's worked for Harper since 2001 and at one point even lived above Harper's garage at Stornoway.

“He’s perhaps a perfect combination of trusted loyalist, strategist, interpreter, and maybe even horse whisperer,” Conservative insider Jim Armour and former Harper aide told Maclean's in 2010.

CTV's Robert Fife, who has done the lion's share of reporting on the senate expenses scandal tweeted this about Novak:

He is on the right side of the Conservative party, but not a social conservative, a source said.

Novak is a staunch monarchist and was involved in the search for a new governor general back in 2010. According to the Hill Times, he was also reportedly key in adding "Royal" back in to the official names of Canada's navy and air force.

He is said to have close relations to Buckingham Palace, and has been instrumental in organizing many Royal Family trips to Canada.

Political consultant Michele Austin also tweeted about Novak's deep ties to the Reform Party:

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  • Andrew Nixon

    PM Harper's Chief Of Staff, Nigel Wright, has resigned over the Senate expense repayment scandal. Smart move. Time to clean house. #cdnpoli

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    RT @crankykady: NIGEL 'SRSLY, ON A SUNDAY?' WRIGHT.

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    PMO just issued a statement saying chief of staff Nigel Wright has resigned. #cdnpoIi

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    Nigel Wright's resignation as PM's Chief of Staff was absolutely going to happen. Mike Duffy will you let your friend go alone? #fb

  • B.Jones-Vaillancourt

    #Cdnpoli So, Duffy, Wallin and now @pmharper 's chief of staff Nigel Wright has resigned. The scandal continues! #fireharper

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    Clearly Nigel Wright and Stephen Harper are in way over their heads. #cdnpoli

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    Yup.... Nigel Wright-off. #nlpoli #nlndp #CPCdroppinglikeflies

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    All Cdns s/ thank Nigel Wright for offering a mere glimpse into what goes on in My #PMO. #cdnpoli

  • Colin MacKay

    Nigel Wright paid, as a gift, to essentially stop an audit. Audit compromised? Was it ever finished? #cdnpoIi #accountability #ethics

  • bdthomson

    Prime Minister accepts letter of resignation from Nigel Wright. #duffygate

  • Michael Taube

    Nigel Wright is an intelligent, honest and decent individual. He made a serious error in judgment, and did the right thing in stepping down.

  • Kevin Aubie

    Nigel Wright says most controlling PM in history didn't know. Might as well end with a whopper! #pmharpermustresign #cdnpoli #lpc #ndp #gpc

  • Kaz Nejatian

    I don't think I've ever known anyone more competent and dedicated than Nigel Wright.

  • JimmyBlack&Gold

    Nigel Wright falls on sword for his boss and party. #CDNpoli

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    Crazy Sunday morning. Nigel wright of pmo resigns #cdnpoIi

  • Trevor Harrison

    Let me get this right - Jason Spezza IN, Nigel Wright OUT?

  • Justine Lewkowicz

    Harper's response: "It is with great regret that I have accepted the resignation of Nigel Wright as my Chief of Staff..." #cdnpoli

  • Kristi Colleen

    Hey, Nigel Wright, now that you don't have a job, maybe Mike Duffy will loan you some money.

  • Justin Irwin

    Harper should write Nigel Wright a $90,000 cheque for resigning