Edmonton Oilers former coach Ralph Krueger was broken up with in possibly the worst way over the weekend: he was dumped over Skype.

Krueger told the Edmonton Sun he was "blindsided" by a conversation with general manager Craig MacTavish over the online call and chat program.

Krueger explained he received a friend request from MacTavish while on vacation at his home in Switzerland Friday. He accepted the request and had a short conversation, no more than five minutes,in which he was informed thathe was fired as head coach, reports Canada.com.

"I'd never been fired in 24 years as a hockey coach and it was the first time I'd had a conversation with Craig MacTavish by Skype," Krueger told the Sun.

"I definitely did not see it coming," said Krueger.

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  • Carl A. Martinez

    Edmonton really didn't fire their coach over Skype, did they? That's like breaking up with a girl over text messages. #Oilers

  • Mark Jacobs

    Not accepting any Skype calls from @Craigmactavish today #oilers

  • Marc Burton

    Who fires a head coach by Skype?? #Oilers @NHL

  • Ryan Boley

    Oilers fired their head coach late over Skype. Stay classy Edmonton.

  • Ryan Vincent

    So it's true that Krueger got fired via Skype? The oilers are in jeopardy of becoming the NHL version of the Clippers. #NHL #oilers

  • Dustin

    The Oilers fired their coach over skype hahaha. I personally would have just sent him a facebook message

  • Duje

    Maybe Ralph Krueger shouldn't accept any more friend requests from #Skype. http://t.co/wPb54AHe3j #You'reFired! #Oilers

  • Warren K. Zola

    Nomination for worst use of new technology? @EdmontonOilers coach fired via Skype. http://t.co/2fWeVL6Zhr

  • KevinLowemustgo

    They tried to fire me on Saturday but I don't Skype! #Oilers

  • dan gibson

    A little disappointed to hear that the Oilers fired Krueger over Skype. Could they have not had the decency to #livetweet it as well?

  • Andrew Reid

    At the very least being fired by Skype is face-to-face, better than a phone call probably #Oilers #nhl

  • Burke Lowry

    If Ralph Kruger was indeed fired by Skype, then the Oilers are more classless than I thought

  • Derek Taylor

    Firing a coach by Skype...wrong? Or a sign of the times (technologically speaking)? #Oilers

  • Matt Korthuis

    A 5 minute Skype call is how Ralph Krueger got fired, another classy move by the Oilers, Par for the coarse in Etown #bringbackmess!

  • 710 VOCM Clarenville

    Wow talk about cold! Ralph Krueger has become the first coach in hockey history to be fired by #Skype. -Mike #Oilers http://t.co/17i09JyWQt

  • Nicholas Findlay

    Got fired from my job today but my boss did it on Skype so it didnt hurt my feelings as much. #oilers

  • Chris Fossen

    I wonder if every professional sports teams fire coaches over Skype, or if it's just the Edmonton Oilers.

Krueger was fired after just one season on the job, leaving behind a 19-22-7 record — 10 points out of a playoff spot.

"I've quickly come to the conclusion that it's a waste of energy to try to understand," Krueger told the Edmonton Journal.

MacTavish defended his decision to fire Krueger at a news conference Saturday.

“Philosophically, I differ somewhat with Ralph, and it doesn’t mean my strategy is right or Ralph’s strategy is right,” he said.

“But I’m the general manager, and it’s my job and my decision to make. That’s why I’ve made that decision.”

The unconventional firing raised plenty of eyebrows, but some see it as a move based on practicality.

The Oilers are expected to introduce Dallas Eakins as their new head coach at a news conference Monday.

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