UPDATE: Jan. 30, 2013 — The original video of a North Vancouver road rage incident has been removed from YouTube. It has been replaced with the video above.

North Vancouver police have not stepped in on a road rage incident caught on video that saw a young man get into an altercation with an older man in the middle of a busy street.

The incident apparently began when the young driver of an older model BMW nearly slammed into the older man's car before he slammed on his brakes, avoiding a collision, according to the YouTube video's description.

The driver then reportedly got out of his car and started kicking the door of the car in front of him.

At this point the video shows the younger driver berating the older man before walking back to his own vehicle. The driver of the car in front then gets out of his own car and runs at the younger man, who takes a swing at his assailant just as he's getting into the BMW.

The two men then tangle in traffic for about 20 seconds before the younger man can be heard saying, "I'm a kid! Leave me alone!" The older man then throws one more punch before returning to his own vehicle and driving away.

North Vancouver RCMP say they haven't received a complaint about the incident so they won't investigate, but they added that such a video could be used as evidence if a probe were launched, The Province reported.

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