If you jump on stage with rapper Action Bronson, please ensure he has asked you to join him. This is something a fan in Boston found out the hard way.

As shown in the above YouTube clip, filmed June 27 at the Middle East club, Bronson is shown performing before a fan to his left jumps onto the stage and gleefully faces the crowd.

On seeing the fan, Bronson -- who was performing "Pouches Of Tuna" at the time -- wastes no time approaching him, putting his right leg behind the fan's legs and then slamming him down to the ground without mercy.

The fan quickly gets up, then Bronson puts him in a bear hug and quickly tosses him back into the crowd before security step in. Bronson carried on as if nothing happened, drawing cheers from the crowd.

"IF I BRING U ON STAGE IT'S ONE THING....," the rapper tweeted after the show in reference to what transpired.

The incident didn't get much more comment from Bronson but he did retweet some of the fans' reactions of the take down.

SIDEBAR: has the reflexes of a jungle cat. He went from a Mortal Kombat leg sweep into an MMA chokehold DUMB FAST...

Bloodstain Lane GBK
...First an Uchi Mata Judo throw, now a leg sweep...killing it out there with these Text Book Martial Arts moves my bro

Bronson's tour continues in Europe later this weekend at the Roskilde Festival before returning to the U.S. for a string of Western dates. Bronson released his latest EP entitled Saaab Stories last month.

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