Move over, Posh and Becks. Step aside, Ronaldo and Irina Shayk. There may just be a new hot soccer couple in town.

Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan -- who played with David Beckham at Manchester United and was named the best player in the last World Cup in South Africa -- is set to sign with Toronto FC this week, according to the Globe and Mail.

Though the hot soccer player has since denied reports of a move, (and Toronto FC is refusing to comment on the rumour) we can't help but dream about Forlan coming to Canada and shaking things up, style-wise.

Just one look at the handsome 34-year-old says it all; Forlan's golden curls and even more impressive golden bod is already the stuff of legend on the Latin American scene.

And Forlan shares an impressive resumé of superstar qualities with his footie predecessors before him; besides his movie star good looks, the Matthew McConaughey look-a-like loves to show off his toned physique (his signature celebration move is ripping off his shirt, to the delight of female fans everywhere).

He's also dated supermodels in the past -- most famously ex-fiancée Zaira Nara -- and recently married his gorgeous wife, 23-year-old Paz Cardoso.

Take a look at some of our favourite Diego Forlan moments and tell us -- should Forlan make the move to Toronto FC?

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  • David Forlan likes to celebrate his soccer wins by ripping his shirt off -- nothing wrong with that!

  • Forlan and his wife Paz Cardoso make for a very stylish newlywed couple.

  • Diego knows how to stand out from the crowd.

  • Forlan cleans up nice in a sharp tux and cheeky grin.

  • Posing in front of a topless photo of himself, Forlan dares you to stare.

  • His teammate seems impressed.

  • This man can't get enough of Diego Forlan.

  • Those golden curls go very well with his medal.

  • Just blowin' his nose/revealing his abs, Situation-style.

  • Nobody does a slow clap better than Diego -- and that headband? So chic!

  • Diego, topless, in the rain.