'How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages' Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

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Oh Germany, we love your autobahn freeways, your awesome festivals devoted to beer and your fiscal conservatism that keeps the Euro from spiraling out of control during the peak of the summer tourism season. There's so much to like about the country but the way the language sounds isn't exactly at the top of the list.

It's not your fault that German lacks the subtle sultriness of Spanish or the charming cadence of French, but the folks at Copy Cat Channel have illustrated just how harsh the language sounds when compared to its European peers.

The video offers a hilarious take on a popular differenze-linguistiche meme that takes common words and highlights outlier languages.

Language is always fascinating, but there's just something about watching a man pronouncing "naturwissenschaften" from his teeth that makes us smile.

Update: There's a second video which you can watch below:

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