Flying as of late brings few guarantees: a safe trip, a seat and your basic food and water. But for passengers on board Air Canada flight 1181, it looks like the airline could only deliver two of the three after the plane ran out of water before the flight even took off.

A photo posted to Twitter shows a washroom sink partially filled with wet wipes and a small note informing passengers that there's no water on the plane. The use of wet naps in lieu of water and soap is the "Transport Canada approved procedure," said Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesperson with Air Canada.

air canada no water

Passengers weren't told why the plane took off without any water according to Ilona Biro, an editor with Huffington Post Media Group and a passenger on board the flight. Air Canada says the water shortage was due to a system malfunction affecting the rear lavatories and waters and will be fixed.

Flight Tracker shows the plane left Toronto Pearson International Airport at 7:17 a.m. and arrived at Edmonton International Airport at 11:17 a.m. Air Canada has since apologized on Twitter for the incident.

While no water for four hours may have irked some passengers, the event seems like a minor issue compared to past incidents with other airlines.

"[It] would have been awful on an international flight but was bearable for four hours," said Biro.

Last June, a United Airlines flight ran out of toilet paper while making the 11-hour trip from San Francisco to London, and asked passengers to use cocktail napkins instead.

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