With back-to-school season fast approaching, it's that time of year when we get nostalgic about all the cool things we miss about being a kid — but also dredge up the most embarrassing moments that we'll never live down.

Believe it or not, some of the most mortifying memories involve lunch time — especially when you grow up in an immigrant family with strong culinary identities and a weak understanding of what a 'Canadian' lunchbox should look like. And let's be real, kids can be pretty mean!

So instead of the usual peanut butter and jelly, bologna and tuna sandwiches, some of us had to secretly eat our couscous, beef tongue and curry roti wraps. Try trading those in the lunchroom.

But to be fair, our parents really did know best...well, most of the time that is. Now that we're all grown up, we'd much rather munch on homemade international fare than white bread with processed cheese and packaged meat.

We also wonder if that's changed for kids these days, but in the meantime, we asked our readers and fellow HuffPost editors to share their most unusual and memorable school lunches.

Not only did we find an impressive multicultural mix of delicacies, but we also learned that it wasn't just the immigrants who had the strangest stories. Parents born and raised in Canada also like to experiment with 'eclectic' combinations.

Also, there is nothing sacred about PB & J. See what we're talking about here:

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  • Rice and Pea Sandwich

    Growing up in a Moroccan immigrant family, my parents didn't know the meaning of peanut butter and jelly (even though that's all we really wanted to bring to school for lunch). My dad loved to reinvent leftovers from dinner but my twin sister and I insisted on sandwiches — rather than say a leaky tin of couscous and spicy broth. So one day we got a rye-bread sandwich, with rice and peas inside. We were mortified. — Claire Sibonney, Acting Living Editor

  • Potato and Fish Roti

    My mom also used to take curry but I refused to take anything with sauce because A) it would leak in my bag and B) everyone knew I was eating Indian food (kids loved calling me "Paki") so I would get a dry potato curry roti wrap or a fish one. But again, I was so embarrassed I would get maybe two or three a week and COLLECT them in my backpack and throw them all out on Friday. I feel like such a punk for wasting my mom's food. — Arti Patel, Associate Living Editor

  • Cauliflower Korma

    My little brother was sent off to school with cauliflower korma in his Transformers lunchbox — straight in, the korma wasn't even in its own container so it would leak and smell. We begged for bologna sandwiches like our 'Canadian friends' and my mother finally relented. On good days I'd get a cold hamburger patty on Wonderbread. Now I turn my nose up at so-called Canadian foods like bologna and white bread and would rather have a tasty cauliflower korma any day! — Hamida T.

  • Headcheese

    Headcheese. Another time, I had a whole Dungeness Crab. (My parents were fishers.) — Andrew B.

  • Borscht

    You wouldn't know it from my last name, but I my family is part Ukrainian and we eat a lot of Ukrainian food and follow certain traditions. Not so unusual in the West, but not a lot of families with that heritage on the east coast where I grew up (Halifax.) Sometimes my mom would make me take borscht to school in a thermos. It smelled a bit funny and the kids would ask if it made me pee blood. This was particularly horrifying around junior high. — Michelle Butterfield, HuffPost Alberta's Associate News Editor

  • Peanut Butter 'Special'

    My mom would make a sandwich with peanut butter, banana, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. DISGUSTING. — Chantel G.

  • Tongue Sandwiches

    We actually enjoyed these beef-tongue stew sandwiches until we saw my mom cleaning the freaky looking thing in the kitchen and realized what it was. This was a good 20 years before offal was in fashion. — Claire Sibonney, Acting Living Editor

  • Liverwurst And Sweet Pickles

    Liverwurst and sweet pickles on rye bread with cold rosehip soup to drink in my Dukes of Hazard lunch box while the other kids at Wonderbread PB and J and drank Kool-Aid. Yeah...my lunches weren't exactly tradable. Embarrassed then, thankful now. — Lars P.

  • Xoi dau xanh

    Brian Trinh, Travel Editor: My mom also packed me this thing called Xoi dau xanh. It's a rice dish made with glutinous rice and mung bean and is a few shades below a highlighter yellow. I had no idea what it was called in English so I called it cheese rice. I then became the kid who had cheese rice for lunch. I even tried to explain to them that you could add shredded coconut to made it sweet instead of savoury. That did not help my case as I then became the coconut-cheese-rice-eating kid. — Brian Trinh, Travel Editor TL;DR: Kids can be cruel.

  • Sardine Sandwiches

    I would go eat in the PE change room. Sardine sandwiches were a right ridicule. — Treva P.

  • Barf Bag Sandwiches

    My mom used to think it was funny to steal barf bags from the airplane and pack them with really stinky tuna fish sandwiches — Rebecca R.

  • Milk Bag Sandwiches

    We used to wash the milk bags and make them sandwich bags the next day. — Taty O.

  • Char Siu Bao

    I used to take char-siu baos for lunch -- my friends made fun of me and called them "poo buns." Sniff. — Lisa Yeung, Managing Editor of Lifestyle

  • Wieners

    Hot dogs...with no buns. — Jessica C.

  • Construction Worker Lunch

    My mom didn't meet the food to lunchbox size ratio.. It looked more like a construction workers meal, two huge overstuffed tuna sandwiches and enough snacks for a week. My barbie lunchbox had to be held shut with several elastic bands and be put inside another bag... Holy embarrassing. — Lilanne T.

  • PB & J, But Different

    After convincing my mom to buy a cool plastic lunch box for grade one I was super excited to take my lunch. Since this was my first year taking lunch, I asked my mom to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Simple, right? No. When I got to school that day I opened my lunch box to find one slide of bread with peanut butter stuck to the TOP of the lunch box and a separate slice of bread and jam in another compartment of the box. I ended up eating a slice of bread with jelly. — Arti Patel, Associate Living Editor

  • Sandwich Surprise

    Two sandwiches...the top one with ham and the second with cardboard which had this message written on it: 'enough food...get back to work.' — Lorna D.

  • Lobster

    Lobster, but then again I live on the Atlantic. — Jolene C.

  • Ketchup Sandwich

    Ketchup sandwich or brown sugar and butter sandwich. — Barb W.

  • Cabbage Rolls

    I WISH my mother had sent me to school with a sandwich. Any sandwich. I got cabbage rolls. Or sauerkraut and ribs. Or baked beans and pork chops. Sandwich. HA! Not in this Serbian household. I had to beg for that. — Mima C.

  • Chutney Sandwiches

    Toasted tomato and chutney sandwiches. — Fazil H.

  • Sticky Rice

    Things we know now — ethnic lunches are awesome. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not embracing them. — Kenny Yum, Managing Editor

  • Banh Mi

    Before they were cool. — Kenny Yum, Managing Editor

  • Mortadella Sandwiches

    Mortadella and bocconcini sandwiches in Brampton (Ontario) were unheard of! Prosciutto too...Not to mention the thick bread...all I wanted was Dempsters with peanut butter! But now I know to be proud because everyone knows Italian food is delicious! — Natasha A.

  • Banh Khuc

    When I was little, my grandma and mom would always pack me banh khuc, a savoury sticky rice dumpling that was super green because they didn't like to cover it with that much rice. One day, one of the kids in my class said something along the lines of "ew, those green balls look gross." As someone fiercely patriotic about my Vietnamese lunch, I freaked out on him and cussed him out in front of my classmates for being racially intolerant about ethnically-diverse foods. All the kids sitting next to him no longer sat with him during lunch for the rest of that week. Also, I was 10. — Brian Trinh, Travel Editor

  • Peanut Butter and...Alfalfa Sprouts

    Peanut butter alfalfa sprouts sandwiches. I can still hear my friends squeeel. Circa grade 5 or 6. — Sandrine L.

  • Turnips

    Mashed turnip sandwiches. — Lily M.

  • Spam

    Spam sandwiches or that canned meat ham I think it was. — Julie J.

  • Jamaican Patties

    All I got throughout my elementary school career were Jamaican patties. Judging by my adult addiction to them, I'm assuming I didn't mind. — Kim R.

  • Tortilla And Chorizo Sandwiches

    Huge chorizo sandwiches and/or tortilla de patata, you know, in case I had to plow a field. — Luisa P.

  • Potato Sandwich

    Spicy potato sandwich with ketchup...it's so good. — Tejal P.

  • Indian French Toast

    Mom used to give me Indian french toast...basically french toast with all the masala so it stank up my lunch bag. — Sneha P.

  • Laughing Cow

    My mom used to pack two or three triangles of laughing cow cheese until i felt self-conscious about just eating blocks of cheese in class. So we put them in sandwiches instead, and pâté (which is normal food for viets). But other kids saw it and made fun of it...so we stuffed that between slices of white bread as well. — Diana D.

  • Sushi

    Korean food and sushi, and now sushi is all the rage! My mom is so ahead of the times. — Caroline C.

  • Cream Cheese Experiments

    My mother created themes lunches for holidays, and St. Paddy's Day was always dyed green cream cheese with olives on bread, that she wanted to dye but was afraid people would think had mold. — Emily G.

  • Limburger Cheese Sandwiches

    Limburger cheese on black bread! - Marisa F.

  • Hot Dogs, To Go

    my mom used to put a wiener in my thermos in hot water..then put the bun in my lunch with little packages of mustard and relish..kids used to tease me. — Susan M.

  • Curry

    Curry chicken with rice...I grew up in an eastern suburb in Montreal. — Atina D.

  • Peanut Butter and...Molasses

    Peanut butter & molasses sandwiches....which became my favourite. — Ursa J.

  • Sprinkle Sandwich

    White bread, with chocolate sprinkles (no joke). — Karin L.

  • Carrots and Cottage Cheese

    Carrot sultana and cottage cheese on wholemeal bread. It was the late '60s and everyone thought our mum was weird 'cause she was into healthy food. — Cedar W.

  • Haw Flakes

    Strangely, I had better luck with haw flakes, which are like, the weirdest, most artificial candy ever. Peeps liked their plummy taste and poker-chip format, I guess. — Lisa Yeung, Managing Editor of Lifestyle

  • Lemon Curd Sandwiches

    Chocolate spread or lemon curd or banana sandwiches. — Jeremy H.

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