Woken up by a bizarre, loud howling noise, Kimberley Wookey jumped out of bed on Aug. 29 to video the strange noise that she had heard around Terrace, B.C. before.

Her 7-year-old son was already awake and scared after the noise had made his bedroom window rattle, she says in her YouTube post.

Wookey told Global News that she first heard the sounds on June 19 and originally thought it might be someone playing some really bad music near her house. This time, she was determined to get the noise on record.

CFTK reported that many residents were bewildered by the unidentified booming, quoting theories from pranks, to aliens, to the second coming.

By Friday afternoon, the mystery was over. The City of Terrace took responsibility for the ear-shattering airwaves on their Facebook page, saying an employee was preparing a grader for some work nearby and it was the grader blade that let out that noise.

But residents, including Wookey weren't appeased. "It just does not match up," Wookey told Global News.

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