Bizarre media buzz of the week: according to reports, a growing number of pregnant women in the US are selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for around $25 a piece.

Rationale for someone buying? Some ads suggests using the positive tests to nudge a longtime boyfriend into finally popping the question. Others suggest a prank on your parents, or even asking for abortion money and splurging on a vacation.

"I will provide you with 1(one) positive pregnancy test with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Taken same day," writes one woman from Florida. "It isn't my business what you choose to use it for!"

"I will no [sic] take any responsibility for the test after it has been sold nor will I assume any obligations for the test after it has been sold," writes another women from Toledo, Ohio, who is selling her positive tests for $10. "What you do with the test is your business. I do reserve the right no [sic] deny any requests."

According to media reports, the ads have been appearing in Chicago, New York, Houston, and other cities, with some being flagged for removal by Craigslist.

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    For the connoisseurs of beer in a can and dart boards, this start-up <a href="">Dive Bars Shirt Club</a> promises to send a tee-shirt a month from the nation's dirtiest destination dive bars for $22 per month. Pit stains not included. (h/t <a href="">AdAge</a>)

  • Condoms

    Don't confuse this condom subscription with Netflix <a href="">says CEO of Dollar Rubber Club</a>. "We don't want them back." Subscribers can get three condoms per month for $1 and $10 gets you a dozen condoms per month

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    A number of sex-positive start-ups are hoping to capitalize on the success of Birchbox (and Fifty Shades of Grey), with a naughty twist. <a href="">Boink Box</a> offers a monthly subscription services for $25-$50 per month. <a href="">BlushBox</a> also offers up-scale quarterly packages for between $50 and $100 per quarter.

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    A new shaving subscription service called <a href="">Harry's</a>, which has not launched yet, promises to send customers shaving cream, razors and other man-grooming gear, contrived of by some marketing guys, <a href="">according to BetaBeat.</a> It joins the <a href="">Dollar Shave Club</a>, which delivers one razor a month for between $1 and $9.

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  • Neck ties

    A number of delivery services will send monthly installments of men's products from underwear to undershirts and neck ties. The newest is the New York-based<a href="">FreshNeck</a>, which starts with $15 per month subscriptions for ties.

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