The next time you encounter slimy, hairy and larva-like food, you may want to give it a second look.

As much as we love gawking at gorgeous food porn, we think some "ugly" foods also deserve special attention. Sure, the close-up view of the insides of an oyster, passion fruit or bitter melon might make you gag a little, but their taste and nutrition far outweigh their aesthetic appeal.

What's more scary are the lists of ingredients on many popular food items. Processed foods, for example, can have over 20 toxic ingredients like artificial sweeteners, corn syrup sulphites. Oh the horror!

Here are 20 so-called awful looking foods that still taste great. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Passion Fruit

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> A fine mixture of larvae and snot. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Passion fruit may look a little slimy, but it's delicious. Native to South America, this fruit contains <a href="" target="_blank">tons of vitamin A and fibre to help improve our vision and lower cholesterol.</a>

  • Cottage Cheese

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Chunky sour milk. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Cottage cheese is low in calories and fat — and is very yummy with fresh fruit.

  • Oysters

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Something spoiled and crusty. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Oysters are high in zinc and protein, and their oceany taste <a href="" target="_blank">is wonderful raw and cooked. </a>

  • Blue Cheese

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> The mould freaks us out. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> This blue (or green) part of blue cheese is actually mold created from the cheese's ageing process. Blue cheese is not only nutritious, it's addictively delicious with bread and wine too.

  • Rambutan

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> A sea urchin. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Rambutan is available in Indonesia and Malaysia and is high in vitamin C.

  • Callaloo

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Something that's been sitting around for a long, long time. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Callaloo is a popular Caribbean dish made from a leafy vegetable called amaranth and taro root. You can also make it with spinach. This one pictured is made with okra.

  • Hot Oatmeal

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Stale goop and (too) early mornings at our parents' house. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> There's a reason why mom always told you to eat your oatmeal — it's full of antioxidants and <a href="" target="_blank">lowers cholesterol. </a>

  • Noni

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Lots of little eyeballs. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Noni (in juice form at least) can be an instant energy booster.

  • Octopus

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Tentacles are just plain creepy. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Octopus is a very lean <a href="" target="_blank">compared to other seafood. </a>

  • Geoduck

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Really, do we have to? <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> It may look weird and phallic, but chefs say geoduck has a <a href="" target="_blank">clammy taste and crispy texture. </a>

  • Celery Roots

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Creepy little legs and hands clustered together <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Celery root is similar to a potato when it's cooked, but has less <a href="" target="_blank">starch and more vitamin B6.</a>

  • Basil Seeds

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Frog eggs <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Basil seeds actually have a mild taste and have been known to reduce appetite <a href="" target="_blank">by keeping you full.</a>

  • Tapioca Pudding

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Sour milk. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Nope, we won't deny it: tapioca pudding makes a killer dessert.

  • Smoked Meatloaf

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> The product of blending your Thanksgiving dinner (and drinks) and crafting it into a rectangular shape. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Because it's the best stick-to-your-ribs comfort food.

  • Truffle

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Poop. Yup. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> If you've had truffles, you know exactly what they taste like. If you haven't, just imagine eating an earthy mushroom.

  • Morels

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Dried brains or bones. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Morels are <a href="" target="_blank">high in vitamin D and iron</a> tatse quite similar to truffles.

  • Caviar

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Well, it is what it is. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> These tiny fish eggs taste best with crackers, toast or <a href="" target="_blank">Russian pancakes called blini. </a>

  • Figs

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> A human organ. Chopped in half. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Figs make a nutritious snack and trust us, they taste way better than they look.

  • Bitter Melon

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Little eggs hatching. Mmm. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Bitter melon or karela is not only good for the digestive system, but they are also used <a href="" target="_blank">medically to treat stomach aches. </a>

  • Buddha's Hand

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Chicken feet. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Buddha's hand is actually a fruit that <a href="" target="_blank">tastes like lemon. </a>

  • Custard Apples

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Dirty soccer balls or dried up artichokes. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Custard apples, available mostly in Asian countries, are also known as sugar apples (so yes, they are super sweet).

  • Durian Fruit

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> This looks like it's going to hurt. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Well, not only does this fruit look a little weird, it also has a strong odour. But luckily for you, this fruit is <a href="" target="_blank">sweet and 'buttery' in texture. </a>

  • Kiwi Skin

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Skin in desperate need of moisturizer. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Besides the nutritional benefits (they're super high in vitamin C), kiwis are the perfect year-long fruit for smoothies, desserts and snacking.

  • Stinky Tofu

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> Really, do we have to? <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Stinky tofu is, yes, stinky (some <a href="" target="_blank">describe it as burning garbage and body odour</a>), but is known as a Taiwanese delicacy.

  • Gourds

    <strong>REMINDS US OF: </strong> A warty melon. <strong>THE GOOD FACTOR:</strong> Gourds are quite similar to squash and pumpkins, and perfect for fall.

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