Netflix Canada just isn't as good as Netflix America.

It's a well-known fact that has driven many Canadians to adopt illicit measures to access American Netflix.

But just how much better is the American service? Using the handy Netflix Canada vs. USA blog, The Huffington Post scanned the more than 10,000 titles on American Netflix and the nearly 4,000 titles on Canadian Netflix to bring you the definitive list of everything awesome you're missing.

The main takeaway? American Netflix has a WAY BETTER selection of TV shows. See just how much better in the slideshow below.

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  • 30 Rock

    *This list of <a href="" target="_blank">titles available on U.S. Netflix but not in Canada</a> is based on data from early September 2013.

  • A Fish Called Wanda

  • Ally McBeal

  • An Inconvenient Truth

  • Apocalypse Now

  • Bad Boys II

    Seriously?!? You give us the original and not the sequel?

  • Being John Malkovich

  • Beverly Hills Cop

  • Bottle Rocket

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Capote

  • Cheers

  • Conan the Destroyer

  • Days of Thunder

  • Desperate Housewives

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Downfall

  • Dr. No

  • Drive

  • Elegy

  • Everybody Loves Raymond

  • Face Off

  • Family Ties

  • Felicity

  • Flashpoint


  • Footloose

  • Frasier

  • Friday Night Lights

  • From Russia with Love

  • Ghost

  • Glengarry GlenRoss

  • GoldenEye

  • Goldfinger

  • Good Will Hunting

  • Gossip Girl

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • Half Baked

  • Hannah Montana

  • Happy Gilmore

  • Hawaii Five-O (1968)

  • Heroes

  • High School Musical

  • Highlander (1992-1997)

  • Hotel Rwanda

  • Hustle & Flow

  • Igby Goes Down

  • In the Name of the Father

  • Indecent Proposal

  • Into the Wild

  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Jarhead

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