Beakerhead Calgary Mixes Engineering, Science and Art (VIDEO)

09/10/2013 07:54 EDT | Updated 09/11/2013 11:17 EDT

Get ready to geek-out, Calgary.

The inaugural Beakerhead kicks off Wednesday and it's sure to be unlike anything you've seen before.

Described by organizers as an "annual, citywide, interactive movement that explodes with creativity," Beakerhead will create "a crucible of human ingenuity, mixing energetic community involvement with international talent."

Organizers Mary Anne Moser and Jay Ingram of the Discovery Channel wanted to create a celebration of engineering, science and art.

Considering Calgary has the highest per capita of engineers in Canada, as well as a flourishing arts scene, they decided the city would make the perfect backdrop for the unique event.

More than 70 events will be hosted over five days, including live street performances, engineering demonstrations, speakers, art walks and networking opportunities.

Former Comdr. Chris Hadfield will return to Calgary for Friday's "The Tremendous and Curious World of Beakerhead," a collection of entertaining science-based performances, including a physicist-opera singer and a robot band.

“While we can show people images of some of the acts that we’re bringing or some of the things we’d like to see, it’s not like the Stampede where you can say ‘Hey it’s the Stampede’ and everybody immediately has an image of what we’re talking about,” Ingram told the Calgary Herald, explaining that people will have to see Beakerhead in action to fully understand what it is.

And while trying to describe Beakerhead may be difficult, the idea behind it is simple - to help make science more accessible to the public.

One of the more intriguing events is the catapult catharsis competition "where people can fling the things they love to hate," Moser explained to SmartPlanet.

Beakerhead is ready for blast off Wednesday at the Beakerhead Launch Site — a 40-foot Raygun Gothic Rocketship located in Victoria Park will act as a meeting place and information booth. The festival runs Sept. 11-15. For a full list of events visit

Check out our picks from some of the best events in our slideshow below:

Beakerhead Events, Sept. 11-15